Liberal Journalists Exhausted by Ruse: We Don’t Bend to the WuFlu

Here’s the leftist journalism shift of the decade. Suddenly, after nearly two years of bowing to every claimed fluctuation regarding the WuFlu, we’re now being told to roll with the punches.

It looks like the liberal media elites finally woke up and smelled the coffee. Covid is here to stay. It’s just another virus, and it’s time we adjust to the new norm in life.

In fact, there is no longer any reason to skew the threats, fake the numbers, or force death pokes upon the nation. Because now, the mainstream media has grown weary of playing along.

According to Fox News:

CNN’s Brian Stelter said on Dec. 19’s “Reliable Sources” that in many media circles, there was an “acceptance” that everyone would likely be infected by the virus as the omicron variant races through the country.

“The definition of cases is changing,” Stelter said. “With a highly transmissible variant, there are many, many, many cases … With this inevitability about more and more and more cases, what’s the better metric to be using? How should we be evaluating the fight against COVID?

“Since we’re hearing about schools closing again, we collectively took action to protect the elderly in 2020. Now, shouldn’t we be doing more to protect children by letting them live normal lives? Are we really going to let the kids suffer even more?”

Some conservatives who have long advocated for schools to stay open, given how far more statistically safe youngsters are from severe COVID outcomes, cried foul at Stelter for coming around to what they had been saying for more than a year. Others were grateful.

Stelter isn’t the only one doing an about face.

FNN explains:

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was savagely roasted on Tuesday for asking Americans to “stop agonizing” over COVID cases after months of sounding the alarm as critics labeled her a partisan hypocrite.

Rubin, who has become known for her turn to boosting Democrats after once holding conservative views, has pushed vaccines, boosters, criticized “covid-19 denial and anti-mandate hysteria” and blamed former President Trump for the pandemic at every turn. However, she had a sudden change of heart on Tuesday as the Biden administration struggles to control the growing omicron surge.

“As we recognize that covid-19 is not a deadly or even severe disease for the vast majority of responsible Americans, we can stop agonizing over ‘cases’ and focus on those who are hospitalized or at risk of dying,” Rubin tweeted.

“Now that Joe Biden is about to have an all time covid case high set one year into his administration his allies are suddenly arguing cases don’t matter and it’s time to get back to normal for most people. Anyone with a functional brain has been arguing this since last summer,” Outkick founder Clay Travis responded.

National Review senior writer Michael Brendan Dougherty added, “Here comes the shift!”

Podcaster Comfortably Smug unearthed a Dec. 2020 tweet in which Rubin wrote, “Most stunning, with roughly 200,000 new cases a day and close to 3,000 deaths per day, only 43 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners think covid-19 is a major public health threat.”

Wait, there’s more!

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had a similar realization on Wednesday, saying that for those who are vaccinated and boosted, the disease was more like a seasonal flu: not good, but also not something to scramble all of American life.

“The risk went from something that we hadn’t really dealt with specifically like this before in our lifetimes – we hadn’t quite had an illness this infectious and this possible to cause serious illness – to something that does look more like the flu. The flu of course can still be dangerous …  but we don’t orient our lives around the flu. So that’s closer to the level of risk that 200 million Americans … are now dealing with,” he said. The “sheer exhaustion” for Americans had altered the “politics of the pandemic,” he added.

Two of the most loyal Biden White House boosters in media, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, had similar remarks to liberal colleagues about accepting coronavirus and adjusting how it should be covered.

Of course, we already covered Rubin’s idiocy. Here’s what Wallace had to say:

“You see how difficult this is for this administration. I mean, I’m a Fauci groupie. I’m a thrice-vaccinated, mask adherent. I buy KN95 masks by the, you know, caseload. They’re in every pocket. I wear them everywhere except when I sit down, and I am certain that this is not a variant I can outrun.”

Well, well, well, if that isn’t common sense coming to light, I don’t know what is. Now the question begs what will Fauci do when he is stripped of his powers? I have a feeling “holding press conference” is soon to be off the list.

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