Really Bad News for Biden and the rest of Team Demento

Joey Demento has an easy bar to jump over in 2022, given the results of his first year of the coup of President Donald Trump.

48 percent of Americans declared 2021 the worst year ever; 4 percent (idiots or Big Pharma execs) declared 2021 their best year ever.

Clearly, when 12 times the people and almost half the population say you suck, well…YOU SUCK!

Still, while that’s bad news for Team Demented, things can and have gotten worse.

According to a new CNBC-Change Research poll, Biden’s disapproval rating reached a new high in December.

Overall, the survey showed 56 percent of voters disapproved of Biden’s performance in office. Before we assess the damage, understand that Democrats demand we believe Biden rode the biggest presidential tsunami of voters in history into office.

Hey 81 million Biden voters, “IS THIS THING ON!?”

The 56 percent disapproval added 2 points to the previous rating of 54 percent in September. You have to go back to April to find the period where Biden wasn’t underwater, with disapproval at 49 percent.

The poll claims that 44 percent approve of Biden. But if you believe that, then you likely believe there is marketable beachfront property in Antarctica.

Where did Biden take his punches?

Biden has no area where he has performed even to Democrats’ lowly standards. However two area stand out, when it comes to his rampant incompetence: his handling of the economy and the Wuflu scamdemic.

60 percent of respondents disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy and 55 percent disapproved of his pandemic response. These numbers are understandable, as Biden tied the two issue inextricably together.

When you shut down the world’s largest economy over a scamdemic, you can’t expect people to sing your praises. I speak of this often on my radio show, that Biden shot himself in the foot with unconstitutional and illegal mandates. But worse, he offers people lifelines to do nothing, as inflationary Wuflu dollars are printed like Monopoly money.

Back to the poll.

For the economy, 72 percent said they disapprove of Biden’s management of the price of everyday goods, and 66 percent said they did not approve of the president’s efforts to help their wallets.

Democrats have two problems here.

First, people weren’t experiencing Bidenflation under President Trump. So this problem hits them directly.

Second, the difference occurred quickly enough that Americans, including dumb Democrats recognize that Biden created this problem.

Worse for Biden, 46 percent of respondents said the stock market is doing “not so good” or “poor” despite one of the market’s best years in decades, according to CNBC.

The S&P 500 completed the year up 26.89 percent, but Americans know to credit President Trump for this, not Biden. Thus, no riding the Trump wave. Moreover, Bidenflation doesn’t allow people to even enjoy their stock market gains.

Next, regarding vaccine mandates, the survey also indicated that exactly half the country said Biden had gone too far. Fifty percent of the country knows freedom, and doesn’t like what they’re seeing. And every day more Democrats come around to this thinking.

While 26 percent said the administration had the right approach, and 24 percent said it had not gone far enough, Biden should listen to the other 50 percent, not these Leftist lunatics.

As we’ve seen recently, the CDC and Fauci the Fraud lose credibility daily in this multi-trillion-dollar scam of the Chinese bioweapon.



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