Wake Up Biden: Americans are Furious Over Potential Pick

Poll Pushes for Biden to Consider Other Options

Biden declared that he’ll put a black woman on the Supreme Court. But apparently, not everyone is happy to see the president narrow the field based on gender or race. Even Democrats want to see a bit more consideration for an appointment that lasts a lifetime.

Last week, much speculation floated around insinuating that Kamala Harris could be Biden’s nomination. That idea has yet to be scrapped. But most Americans, like me, hope and pray we don’t move that thot-o-bot to the highest court in the land.

Fox News reports:

More than three-quarters (76%) of Americans want President Joe Biden to consider all potential nominees to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, according to a recent ABC News-Ipsos poll.

The poll comes after Biden said Thursday that he will announce his nominee before the end of February, and that the candidate will be a Black woman. Among Democrats, 54% supported considering all nominees regardless of race and gender. Just 23% of those polled wanted Biden to restrict his list of nominees to Black women.

The poll, which was conducted Jan. 28-29 with Ipsos Public Affairs’ Knowledge Panel among a random national sample of 510 adults, also found that 43% believe that the Supreme Court is partisan, and that justices rule “on the basis of their partisan political views.”

Other finding from the poll were unflattering toward the president, who earned low approval numbers on issues ranging from inflation — with 69% disapproving — to surging crime and gun violence. Just 1% of those polled said the state of the economy is “excellent.”

I’d really like to meet this 1%. I have a feel that they’re either the mega-rich and they don’t notice the drastic inflation plaguing everyone else, or they don’t speak the language and thus, didn’t understand the question.

Identity Politics at Play

Clearly, Biden is promoting “identity politics” in the Supreme Court, which directly contradicts the court’s purpose. The judicial branch is never supposed to be political. And while judges do have conservative or liberal leanings, the whole idea is for them to provide unbiased analyses of laws and policies as they apply to the constitution. But Biden’s looking for people who will continue to turn a blind eye to the leftist assault on America. Especially as it applies to the Big Cheat.

It’s quite funny to read the replies on Twitter. The same leftists who lied about Justice Kavanaugh and tried to prevent his confirmation to the Supreme Court are now shouting “this is Biden’s choice!”

However, common sense managed to insert itself here and there.

But no matter what the American people want, Biden will only be listening to the very handlers that stuck him in the Oval Office to begin with. Because he needs them to remind him what his politics are and what his name is. He’s long since lost the ability to think on his own or act in our best interest. Of course, he’s been in office for five decades, and I can’t find a single reference to something he accomplished in America’s best interest. And I don’t expect that to ever change. Do you?

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