BRUTAL: Trump Reacts to Jeff Zucker’s Resignation

Trump seized on the resignation of CNN’s El Jefe, Jeff Zucker. Needless to say, there is no love lost for Trump with the network or its former CEO.

Trump emailed to his 37 million followers the following:

Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag who has headed ratings and real-news-challenged CNN for far too long, has been terminated for numerous reasons, but predominantly because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else. Now is a chance to put Fake News in the backseat because there may not be anything more important than straightening out the horrendous LameStream Media in our Country, and in the case of CNN, throughout the World. Jeff Zucker is gone—congratulations to all!

As I’ve said many times, I appreciate Trump’s candor. Even his choice of words humanizes the man. And it’s the reason he will be the 47th president to add to his trophy wall soon.

Sleazebag. That’s a word rarely used by people, yet a perfect description of Zucker. Next, Trump backs up his description of Zucker, adding performance metrics. Again, Trump nails it.

Jeff Zucker: the sleazebag who led CNN off the cliff.

Mediaite reported that this news “stunned the world.” Really? Not when you consider life for CNN under Zucker.

It certainly didn’t stun Trump. He predicted Zucker’s demise in December of last year:

Amid a tumultuous run at CNN, calls for President Jeff Zucker are gaining steam and former President Donald Trump ripped the “rudderless” network for recent “turmoil,” ratings at “an all-time low,” predicting the end of Zucker is near.

“Word is that CNN and its new owners want Jeff Zucker out, not only because of the turmoil of Fredo Cuomo, the Don Lemon (‘the dumbest man on television’) escapades, and so much else, but primarily because his ratings have gone to an all-time low, and the so-called ‘network’ is rudderless,” Trump wrote in a Save America PAC statement Saturday night.

“In any event, that’s great news for America. Maybe CNN can be brought back to what it was in the good old days of the legendary Ted Turner. Jeff will always bomb, just as he did at NBC years before!”

The road is littered with bodies of people who targeted Trump.

Liars, cheaters, and so on all eventually get the boot. Zucker is the latest, but there will many more to follow. Especially after Trump rightfully regains the White House.


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