Don Lemon Show Going to the Internet

Don Lemon’s show is a train wreck. Especially since he lost Fredo the Fraud Cuomo. Now Lemon supposedly has a new show.

CNN is positioning Lemon’s new venture as an adjunct to his existing show. But I’m not buying it.

The New York Post wrote of Lemon’s new venture:

Don Lemon will host a no-holds-barred television talk show with a studio audience on the new CNN Plus streaming service that the cable network is billing as one where there will be “no limits to the conversation.”

No limits? Well, except what CNN and Don Lemon censor.

By the way, Lemon appears desperate as he offers a “throwback” show.

Lemon said that the format was inspired by similar talk shows from years past, including those helmed by Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue, and Johnny Carson.

Johnny Carson? LOL.

“The Don Lemon Show” will be available on the new online subscription service CNN expects to launch in the spring. Lemon’s show will air weekly. And the show will supposedly cover all the best news of the week.

Formulaic much?

Lemon said of his new show, “Time now for this generation’s version of that great tradition.”

Sure, because Lemon is all about tradition. Traditional marriage, the Constitution, freedom, and so on. Although he does play the traditional drunk on New Year’s Eve.

Keep in mind that CNN can’t get ratings to save its black soul. The New York Post reported in Jan,

CNN’s ratings took a nosedive by a massive 90 percent both overall and in the all-important demographic coveted by advertisers in the first week of the new year.

The Jeff Zucker-led cable news network averaged just 548,000 viewers during the week of Jan. 3 — a major drop from the nearly 2.7 million viewers for the same week in 2021, according to Nielsen ratings.

The year-ago ratings were jolted by the left-leaning network’s coverage of the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, which resulted in CNN having its most-watched day since Ted Turner launched the news outlet in 1980.

But on the one-year anniversary of the attacks, viewers flipped over to CNN’s right-wing rival, Fox News, which topped the ratings for coverage of the event.

CNN needed a fake new “attack” to get ratings. But the public saw through the ruse, and the ratings fell, as any sane person would expect.

According to Nielsen, CNN has struggled to grab viewers during primetime, between 8 and 11 p.m. The network recorded an 83 percent year-over-year drop. It had 4.2 million total primetime viewers during the first week of 2021 and only 705,000 last week. The biggest news coming from CNN is that their own longtime producer was a weird pedophile who paid women to let him “sex train” their little girls. Of course that guy produced Cuomo. Talk about a nice and cozy fit.

A few weeks ago, our editor called CNN the “Collapsed News Network.” Clearly, she nailed it. And this latest move is just more proof. As for Lemon, he’s a no-trick pony. And while his ratings are pathetic, things will get worse. In fact, things are so bad, CNN accidentally reported a real story during last week’s terrible showing.


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