Hunter Biden’s Coincidental Ties to Russia and Ukraine

How a crackhead set America on the path to war.

Republicans seek to know where Hunter Biden traveled during his dad’s time as VP. But the Secret Service and other agencies within the Banana Republic regime of Joey Demento continue to stall.

And when they are not stalling, they send heavily redacted information. As if Hunter Biden were some important person in politics whose movements shouldn’t be tracked.

Clearly the Secret Service, with the help of Team Demento, are keeping Crackhead Biden’s movements confidential. Because if Americans knew what Hunter was up to, they would conclude that Joe Biden’s Russia-Ukraine problem might be Hunter Biden’s crackhead foreign strategy.

Yes, a crackhead set America’s destructive path to potential war with Russia.

The Republicans have long sought access to the records on Hunter Biden’s taxpayer-funded travel while he allegedly conducted private business during Biden’s vice presidency under Barack Obama. They have specifically zeroed in on communications between the Secret Service, Hunter Biden, and his business associates at Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Last month, the Secret Service had handed over 259 pages of records, but with “extensive” and improper redactions. Johnson and Grassley wrote in January:

“These inappropriate redactions impede our offices’ ability to understand the full scope of the interactions between Hunter Biden, his associates, and the USSS. The USSS hid names and other information contained in email conversations regarding Hunter Biden without any proper legal justification.”

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that Hunter Biden scheduled a meeting in 2014 with Karim Massimov, then the prime minister of Kazakhstan. The meeting was set to discuss an energy deal with the infamous Burisma, the Ukrainian equivalent of Big Oil.

Hunter Biden communicated that he planned to ditch his Secret Service security detail before departing from Paris to Kazakhstan to discuss the deal.

The laptop in question undoubtedly belonged to Hunter Biden. And the Democrats’ new Renaissance man admitted in his memoir that his laptop could have been stolen by Russian intelligence. After all, Hunter was involved with at least one Russian hooker.

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and a complicit media dismissed the laptop story as part of a Russian disinformation operation. A typical move by Democrats to hide in plain sight.

As for America’s Russia-Ukraine strategy, the tragedy belongs to Joey Demento.

Johnson and Grassley released a joint report in 2020 that outline where we are today. The report focused Joe Biden’s role in helping guide the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Further, the report outlined the obvious conflict of interest, as Hunter Biden held a lucrative position on the board of Burisma.

How does a crackhead get on the board of a global oil company? Also, how does a crackhead receive millions of dollars while on the board, yet have absolutely no expertise in the business?

While Democrats accused the Trump family of ties to Russia, the Biden family “hid” in plain sight. The Bidens clearly have ties to Russia and Ukraine, yet the media and other Leftists wholly ignored the story. To this day, many Leftists fight tooth and nail to protect the Bidens as the evidence of corruption stares them squarely in their two faces.

Worse yet, how complicit are the Bidens in causing the current war between Russia and Ukraine?

Isn’t it time for the media to do its job? Remember the $1 billion Joe Biden threatened to withhold from Ukraine? How does that play in this latest development? And what about the arms deals America made with Ukraine, or the oil deal Joe Biden made with Russia?

Shouldn’t anything involved with either of these two now warring countries be thoroughly investigated? If any of these things involved the Trump family, Democrats would be salivating.


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