Moderna CEO Sells Stock

Wonder if Democratic Congresspersons followed suit

There is a saying in the country to “Git while the gittin’s good!” And that’s exactly what Moderna’s CEO appears to have done.

On Feb. 11, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel sold 10,000 shares of company stock. The stock is valued at a measly $1.8 million in total. But what followed has people really shaking their heads.

The day after the stock sale, Bancel’s Twitter account vanished.

CEOs selling stock is not unusual. Generally speaking, most companies cap these sales, as you can’t have a person liquidating in a fire sale. And why would Bancel sell stock, given his ability to print money by producing tons of drugs that will never be used. Moreover, his company made out like a “Bancel” providing drugs that are many argue mostly ineffective.

Put another way, Bancel must have really needed the money, given that his stock is relatively safe. Did Bancel need the money to buy himself a new set of politicians willing to force citizens to get his death poke? Or does Bancel see the writing on the wall, and thus decided to start the long game of dumping his stock? Based on his existing agreement, Bancel can’t dump his all of his stock for 16 years.

Observers on Twitter found the relationship between these moves suspicious.

Union guy, Johnny Akzam asked an interesting question:

Do you think Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel knows something we don’t?

When someone sells a bunch of stock in the company they run and then delete their Twitter account, I’d say they’re sending a message.

Independent journalist, Jordan Schachtel tweeted:

The head of Moderna, @sbancel has deleted his Twitter account, it appears.

Over the past two years, on a weekly basis, Bancel has dumped Moderna stock. He’s now cashed out hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s sold about $20 million worth of shares in 2022.

Here is one of my favorite tweets, as it references “safe and effective”.

Almost $2 Billion in Moderna stock dumped between CEO and cofounder. They probably aren’t anticipating bad news or anything. Safe and effective!

Frankly, I’m more interested in the stock portfolios of the members of Congress.

While Bancel’s company and other Big Pharma made out like bandits in this latest Wuflu scheme, they did offer some table scraps to members of Congress.

Don’t expect any probe into how Pelosi and other vax-Nazis got rich off this Chinese-created bio weapon. The only way the media, the SEC, or the FBI would dig into a story like that would have to involve a Trump.

Don’t worry, as I’m sure Congress will launch an investigation into Trump soon enough. So what he owns no stock in Moderna or any other pharmaceutical company related to this scam. But I’d be willing to bet you dollars to dog sh*t that lots of Democrats own this company’s stock.

Maybe the SEC could let us know if Fauci the Fraud owns this stock, and if he’s sold any? Hey SEC, IS THIS THING ON?!



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