No Person is EVER Equal

One of the biggest fallacies of Leftism is the idea of equality.

Whether you discuss it as equality or equity, it doesn’t matter. Neither offers what it promises.

The concept of equality means that we all view each other the same. The idea of equity is we all have access to the same things. Both of these concepts are patently idiotic.

Let’s look at equality. Though I am drop-dead handsome, I’m no Brad Pitt. Why Brad Pitt is the epitome of the “ideal” as opposed to someone else, say Kevin Jackson, irks some. Ironically, it doesn’t irk me.

For whatever reason, the majority of women would (wrongly) think that Brad Pitt is more handsome than I am. One can argue that society has been led to believe that Pitt’s attributes elicit a bigger response in most women. Next, you could racialize it, and argue that society favors whites over blacks in making these decisions. But regardless of what decisions you come to, it wouldn’t change the fact that Pitt and I will never be equal. If we looked identical with the exception of skin color, we would still be different in that one aspect.

The same is true of intellect. I’m not smarter than Einstein in math or physics. But I heard that Einstein would get so engrossed in thought that he would often pee on himself. So perhaps I’m a genius in EQ, emotional quotient where Einstein is a genius in IQ. Again, we are not even close to being equals.

So the idea that government or anybody can guarantee equality. And be happy about this. Because the government picks and chooses winners and losers.

Now that science mapped the human genome, ask yourself who will they pick to live or die? To succeed or fail?

As for equity, the same is true.

I attended a school board meeting full of Leftists. They tried to convince me that they didn’t want equality, but equity.

The idea of how these differ represents more a play on words than a reality, per se. Because as with equality, attaining equity is not possible.

At the school board meeting a woman explained to me that she wanted to see the gap between black students and white students close. Understand that we need to close this gap as a “group”, or it doesn’t count.

I asked if anyone was as concerned with closing the individual gap between a black genius and a white idiot. Of course they aren’t.

But let’s say that black students indeed underperform white students. Is it necessarily based on some inequity? Are there lots of factors that we should consider? For example, parents.

I’ve never studied this, but I can make a few assumptions. I’m willing to bet that kids from two parent households perform better than those from single-parent homes. Further, I’m willing to bet that parents who take an active role in their children’s educations get better results than those who don’t, regardless of the number of parents.

I also suggest that kids raised in functional environments perform better than those from dysfunctional environments.

Clearly there are non-racial factors impacting the statistics. But whatever the problems that cry inequality, the question is, “Can the education system change this inequity?”.



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