Reporter Mocks Biden’s Sanctions at Presser

Biden admits they won't work.

In what might surprise many Americans, one reporter mocked the Biden administration’s sanctions of Russia.

RNC Research posted on the exchanges, as the AP reporters crushed the Biden administration’s huge list of exemptions.

Even Biden warned us to “not expect sanctions to have an immediate impact.” Apparently, it will take months for Putin to feel the pain. That’s definitely the opposite of the impact Trump would make.

Note that Team Demento still includes “climate change” on the list of idiotic exemptions.

And while former Secretary of State John Kerry is not part of Team Demented, he was on the Varsity under Baby Black Jesus.

In the video below, Kerry reminds the world that despite the suffering of Ukrainians at the hand of Russian President Putin, we should not take our eyes off the real threat: climate change.

The question begs, “How do you meet with the so-called Devil?”

If Putin is so bad, why buy Russia’s precious black energy? And how will the U.S. and many other countries in Europe fare if Putin decides to cut them off from oil? Particularly considering the United States purchases 595,000 barrels of oil from Russia daily.

Why are the sanctions not designed to hit Russia in one of their most vulnerable areas? Energy. According to some, Biden’s sanctions strategically avoid destroying the Russian economy. Thus, the sanctions are symbolic in nature.

The answers are obvious.

As we recently reported, all of this was set in motion the day Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline. And while we were forced to buy oil from other countries, American lobbyists and even a former Biden adviser raked in millions. Now, new reports suggest oil will soon hit $130 a barrel.

Further, Biden’s energy policy showcases conflicts of interest created by Hunter Biden. If Hunter Biden were Hunter Trump we would know all that drove these disastrous decisions and the results. In less than a year, America devolved from energy independence to now needing Russian oil, as do many parts of Europe.

As the AP’s Matt Lee explained in his questions to the Biden administration, Biden put sanctions on Russia that have so many “exemptions” the sanction don’t matter.

Lee noted that almost everything qualifies as an exemption, much to the frustration of State Department spokesperson Ned Price.

Price had no serious comeback, because no answer to this madness exists.

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