Anti-Trump Republicans Should STFU

Message from a guy who calls things like they are

I can’t put this message in simpler terms than to say to anti-Trump idiots, “STFU!”

In a time when Joe Biden has the country on the brink of another Great Depression and thermo-nuclear war with Russia, some bonehead dipsh*t Republicans focus their energy on hating Trump.

No matter how you measure Trump, when compared to Captain Demento, Trump looks like a rock legend. What more evidence do you need to understand the dichotomy between competence and the current sh*t show by Biden?

Hot Air’s Allah Pundit joined another bonehead in his assessment that Republicans should drop Trump:

A weary Rich Lowry, fresh off the chaos of yesterday’s un-endorsement of Mo Brooks, pleads with his party to do better next time: “Republicans could have their pick of a plethora of alternatives in 2024 who don’t personalize everything, who don’t create a haze of chaos and melodrama around everything they do, who don’t routinely turn on people who work for them, who don’t put their interest in vengeance over the interests of the party, and who don’t carry more baggage than the underbelly of an Airbus A380-800.”

If Republicans nominate Trump a third time in 2024 and end up losing to an unpopular 82-year-old incumbent when there are candidates like Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin sitting on the sidelines, it’ll be the biggest own-goal in modern American political history.

Yes, these two RINOs really are that stupid.

You can bet that both these clowns complained about “Trump’s tweets”. People like them speak of Trump’s antics as their rationale for their disdain. Yet post-Twitter, they still complain.

Trump’s antics got him elected against all odds in 2016 when The Big Cheat v0.1 failed. They didn’t calculate Trump’s support. And as if these RINO buttwipes need any more info, they dismiss that Trump got so many votes, he broke Dominion’s algorithm. I remind them and everybody else, that the guy who supposedly was alienating people received a bona fide 75 million votes: more than any person in history; legitimately.

Understand that neither DeSantis nor Youngkin were even mentioned in the presidential picture 4 years ago. And no offense, but they shouldn’t be now.

For the record, I’m a huge fan of Governor DeSantis. And he will make a great VP under Trump in 2024.

But for president, I proudly support DeSantis 2028.

As for Youngkin, I’m not fooled. He’s a RINO is R clothing. Don’t believe me. Do your own research. Regardless of what you think, Youngkin shouldn’t be in the conversation.

Why in the hell would we jettison a proven leader?! That’s one of the most lamebrained things I’ve ever heard. Unless you are part of the swamp, you would never consider such nonsense. That would be like trading Tom Brady after he won his first Super Bowl. Or firing Vince Lombardi after he won his first Super Bowl.

Consider the Democrats.

Even as Joe Biden screws the pooch and tries to sell the pups to cover his deeds, Democrats remain united; at least publicly. I mean, how badly does Biden have to f*ck up, before they say enough is enough?

Our border is overrun, and the economy sucks. The Oval Office clown has added trillions to the national debt. Our gas prices are exceeded only by Bidenflation. But that’s only for starters.

Now this war with Russia, Biden tapped our oil reserves, and is resorting to Trump-era energy policies.

And while Americans are paying exorbitant prices for food, Biden starves the world of wheat, corn, and other crops. If that’s not enough, we might not have fertilizer for crops soon, given that China and Russia are #1 and #2 in the production of that now 40% inflated product.

What bugs me is that some Republicans are too stupid to realize they are being manipulated. Put another way, what exactly did they want from Trump?

He brought manufacturing back to America, beginning with Carrier. Next, he pulled $2 trillion out of government bureaucracy, and made doing business in America easier by lifting onerous EPA restrictions. He rekindled America’s energy industry, ultimately leading to our independence on foreign oil. Trump did in 4 years what the Department of Energy hadn’t accomplished in decades.

Then, Trump reduced the price of prescription drugs, addressed the opioid crisis, removed Leftist racism from government, negotiated pseudo piece between the Koreas, and began the “world peace” process in the Middle East.

Trump accomplished all this while Democrats plotted a coup against him, fought him on sane legislation, accused him of being a puppet of Russia, and investigated anybody who stood within six feet of the man.

Notwithstanding, Wuflu.

Democrats worked with the Chinese to unleash a bioweapon on America. And when Trump responded immediately, they accused him of being xenophobic, and then began the money grab in the history of man.

If it weren’t for the 4 year gap of Trump that disrupted the attempted Big Cheat v0.1, America would be an official Third World sh*thole, with Hillary Clinton in her second term.

So Trump naysayers, STFU!


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