Biden Administration is King of Misinformation

Our government is no longer believable.

Gone are the times where Americans automatically believed our government. Many of us were naïve back in the day. But no more.

Talk about getting “woke”. And not in that Leftist nonsensical way. But really woke to the truth about the misinformation that a government willingly dishes out to the public.

I’m not sure when you began paying attention. But for me, it was mostly during the era of Obama. The Obama administration lied about everything. And they did this under the cover of “Obama is black”, so anything unsupportive of his agenda was deemed racist.

Thus, Obama’s proclamation that he had the only scandal-free administration (in history or whenever). Clearly a blatant lie.

Interestingly, Trump’s administration actually accomplished this. At the very least, Trump certainly tried to create an open government. If there were any shenanigans, Democrats caused them.

Fast-forward to Joey Demento’s coup-created administration, and you get Democrat and media spin on steroids. You can believe nothing this administration puts out. No matter how bad the news, Democrats pretend that Biden can do no wrong.

The idea that a decades-long doofus would suddenly become a political stud is laughable. But that’s the only choice Democrats had after executing the coup.

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Enter “Russian disinformation.”

Sorry Lefties. Americans traveled down this road before. And while on the journey we spent $40 million and received nothing but a t-shirt and an Obamaphone. So when Democrats cry “Russia”, their cries fall on deaf ears.

In fact, I believe the Russians more than I believe the American government or media. And while you may not agree, understand that the lies about Jan 6th allowed the American government to treat American citizens worse than they would be treated in Russia.

Oh how the worm has turned. So now Russia feels empowered.

For decades Russia has been the American government’s Boogeyman. But for 4 years, Leftists shifted gears to the larger threat that Trump presented. After all, as an insider, Trump could expose all the government’s dirty deeds.

With Trump gone, Democrats predictably returned to making Russia, and more specifically Putin the bag guy. But is he?

Russia requested a meeting with the UN Security Council on March 11th to discuss alleged military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine. I’m not sure if this meeting occurred, but the Russians have a point.

Last week, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland acknowledged the existence of biolabs in Ukraine during a U.S. Senate hearing. And most non-propaganda media confirmed the findings. Still, the Biden administration lies about the lab. Biden’s team adopts the strategy that if they deny the allegations enough, then they become true.

What Team Demento accomplishes obliterates their goal of fooling the American people any longer.

Because of Biden, people’s trust in the media and government further weakens. I know mine has.

I believe nothing this administration reports. Their comments are spoken to cover their lying scumbag asses, and not for “the greater good”, as they profess. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

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