Biden Brought Bull to Texas, But No One Bought It

Pressure at the pump is crushing consumers.

President Biden had the nerve to say oil production was higher his first year in office than it was under Trump.

That’s what you call “wading in the deep.” Even the leftist fact-checkers turned on Biden this time.

First, Jen Psaki tried to say that “the U.S. produced more oil this past year than in President Trump’s first year” during Monday’s briefing.

Fox News adds:

Biden sounded a similar note Tuesday during his remarks announcing a ban on Russian energy imports. “Even amid the pandemic, companies in the United States pumped more oil during my first year in office than they did during my predecessor’s first year,” Biden said.

But the White House’s framing omits a key fact: while domestic oil production in 2021 was higher than it was in 2017, it was lower than it was in 2018, 2019 and 2020, federal statistics show.

The White House spin comes amid increasing Democratic anxiety about the political impacts of record-setting gas prices ahead of the midterm elections.

Biden warned Americans on Tuesday that the ban on Russian oil imports would cost American families.

But consumers aren’t buying Biden’s attempts to deny his responsibility in the situation. Because we all know who made us so dependent on Russian oil.

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Fox reports:

Americans feeling the price at the pump told Fox News that President Biden’s claim that he “can’t do much” about soaring gas prices does not add up.

“That’s a bunch of bull,” Chester from Kentucky said.

Lynn, of South Dakota, told Fox News: “There has to be reserves here in the states, that they can release.

During a gaggle with reporters in Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday, President Biden was asked what he was going to do about rising gas prices.

“Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible,” Biden replied.

Robert from Tampa disagreed with that assessment.

“No, it has been going for some time now,” Robert told Fox News. “Like inflation, it’s not something that happened in a couple of weeks.”

Gas station in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Gas station in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Anne said she doesn’t understand President Biden’s decision to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“We have potential to take care of some of our own needs rather than go foreign,” she added.

Truth is, we had the potential. Apparently, it’s too late to revive the pipeline at this point. But don’t worry, the VP has a brilliant plan!

On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg were criticized for pushing electric vehicles.

“Can’t go electric overnight,” Anne told Fox News.

“People can’t afford … the price of cars,” she said. “You’ve got to take care of your business now. We need oil now.”

If the border crisis is any indication of Kamala Harris’ skillset, we’re screwed.

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