Biden Wrecking the WORLD Economy

Now, watch the world slowly starve.

To the scoundrels who got Biden “elected”, Third World elections do have consequences.

When they placed a braindead puppet in office, what could they possibly think would happen?

As Trump said at his latest rally, “Joe Biden is neither mentally or physically capable of being president”. But this hardly comes as a surprise to anybody but the most foolhardy Leftist.

Not only does Biden have America on the brink of war–nuclear war, at that–but also, Biden may starve the world.

As reported by the New York post:

Food prices are already skyrocketing. Some — a lot — of this comes from inflation caused by runaway government spending over the past two years. Some is from supply-chain issues. But a new problem is rearing its head, and government officials seem as likely to make it worse as to make it better.

Are you feeling the pinch? Actually it’s more like a nipple twist. Things are so bad that ABC was forced to report on it.

Starting this year, you may notice you’re spending more at the grocery store. That’s because many major brands known for their snacks, condiments, and other popular products on store shelves have announced their prices are going up in 2022.

Hitendra Chaturvedi, a professor of practice in supply chain management at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, says starting early, prices are going up by about 5-7%. But he says that number is even higher if you consider the fact that many products are shrinking in size, which means you are now getting less for more.

“The average person should be concerned about this because their paycheck is not increasing at the same rate,” he said.

In 2022, he says a $300 grocery receipt will be more like $350.

Why? Companies have blamed labor and supply shortages, but there’s also speculation it could be for another reason.

“Some of these numbers are not adding up,” Chaturvedi said. “Is it where we are moving into a realm where scarcity of product has been created artificially to jack up the prices and profits? I don’t know, but somewhere these companies are making obscene profits where us as a consumer are paying higher prices at the grocery store.”

But food prices aren’t the only problem. As the New York Post article suggests, fertilizer is in danger as well.

That problem is shortages of food and fertilizer brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions enacted by the West in response.

Ukraine is a major wheat producer, but war is likely to ensure a poor spring planting and harvest. Russia is also a major grower, but sanctions and war will prevent it from exporting to most of the world.

Russia is also a major manufacturer of fertilizer; in fact, it is the world’s largest. Second on the list is . . . China, a nation aligned with Russia and notably unfriendly to the United States and the West. (Canada is a distant third.) This has people worried.

So like gasoline and other fuels, food, rents, and interest rates, fertilizer is also taking a massive jump.

The Green Markets North American Fertilizer Index, already high, jumped 16% last Friday. Urea, a major fertilizer ingredient, went up 22%. Potash, another major ingredient (Russia is the top producer), increased 34% in Brazil, the world’s leading fertilizer importer. The price for standard “starter fertilizer” 10-34-0 is up 49% from a year ago and likely to go much higher.

Bloomberg analyst Alexis Maxwell calls it “a slow-moving disaster.”

Slow-moving? Double-digit jumps don’t appear to be “slow-moving”.

If this is slow-moving, I’m going to hate to see things accelerate.


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