Biden’s State of the Union

Get Ready for the Clown Show

The day finally arrives for Democrats to face their demon. Joe Biden.

The devil of their own creation must explain to America how he f*cked things up so badly in only ONE YEAR! But don’t think the Democrats will take their poison bill lying down. Nope, they’ve already concocted their next Jan 6 “insurrection”. The Trucker Convoy.

Understand that before the Jan 6 fake news narrative, we had Charlottesville. Remember when Democrats staged an “insurrection”, then blamed Republicans? This is because Democrats have no good ideas or policies, so they must camouflage their idiocy with made-up “riots”.

Truth be told, Democrat fingerprints and DNA pepper the scenes of Charlottesville and Jan 6. But our government has become so corrupt, Democrats commit their evil in plain sight.

And in another attempt to distract Americans from the obvious incompetence of Joey Demento–a man cheated into office–Democrats pretend that DC is under attack. Thus this request.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) revealed on Monday he rejected a request from President Joe Biden’s administration for extra National Guardsmen to provide security in Washington, D.C. while the State of the Union was set to be delivered on Tuesday.

DeSantis said the request came last week as an anti-COVID mandate truck convoy is expected to be in the nation’s capital:

I smell a rat. Were Democrats trying to set up DeSantis? Of course they were.

You can bet the farm that Democrats called in their thugs to raise hell during the Trucker convoy. They will pretend that the nation is under siege, as they pay their union goons to cause havoc in what would be an otherwise peaceful protest.

The Democrats singled out DeSantis, because next to Trump, DeSantis is the biggest name in the Republican Party. They need a way to bring him down.

Meanwhile, Biden made a mockery of the state of the union address. And Democrats weren’t even smart enough to look concerned.

I think that’s what they call an epic failure.

Biden should sell his act to Comedy Central. His public appearances would be perfect for their platform. Especially if he were forced to use his own words.

Too bad Biden won’t steal Trump’s ideas. We’d be in much better shape.




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