Communist CONTROL of America’s Education System

What we're really up against is terrifying.

What SEE is up Against

When I was asked to start SEE, an organization dedicated to seeking educational excellence, we knew we had a difficult fight. Crooked politicians raid the treasury for academia, stealing your tax dollars with bond initiatives for education that have no chance of losing. The money spent on education is scandalous, when you consider the results.

Next, the teachers’ unions. They spend millions annually paying politicians to continue the game above. More money for teachers, worse outcomes for students. Standardized testing plays into that game. In fact, it is a billion dollar industry. Government continually mandates these tests be administered annually. However, research consistently proves these tests are ultimately the enemy of education.

Finally, we learn of another player in all of this. A new, much more sinister player.

Chinese military-linked entities, including those behind extensive cyber-attacks and espionage, funneled at least $88 million into U.S. universities over the course of six years, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of federal records.

Some of America’s most prestigious universities have cashed lucrative checks from Chinese institutions. And these institutes of higher learning happily accepted those funds from a government that poses a direct national security threat.

Duke University operates a joint-campus in China with Wuhan University, a public university that repeatedly carried out cyber-attacks on behalf of the Chinese military. Northwestern University and the University of California Irvine have together received more than $4 million in research funding from an entity controlled by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a Chinese defense contractor that used stolen designs of American F-35 fighters to build planes for the Chinese military.

Institutions controlled by the Chinese government—state-owned enterprises, state-controlled public universities, government-controlled nonprofits, and other sources—collectively donated at least $315 million to American colleges between 2014 and 2019.

In supporting SEE, I ask the same question candidate Trump asked blacks in pursuing the black vote in 2016: What do you have to lose?!

Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, the education system gets more corrupt each year. And few organizations see the root of this problem and actually implement strategies to solve the problem.

SEE began just over 2 years ago. Apparently, some believe we should have SOLVED these massive problems. Some organizations have a single event that is our entire annual budget. Yet, SEE is one of the most effective education groups in the country.

We have watched organizations make no traction in the fight in academia, so we chose to go our own way. In doing so, we gained the attention of The Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale, and other venerable organizations who agree with our strategy.

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In a horrible year for a variety of reasons, SEE made MASSIVE progress pushing OUR agenda in academia.

    • We developed a comprehensive strategy to push back against BLM, Critical Race Theory. The project caught the eye of The Heritage Foundation.
    • We met with Hillsdale College for the same reason. And we are in discussions about our curriculum.
    • We developed a curriculum that has over 1,000 students at almost a dozen schools in 5 states. We expect our curriculum to be in at least 12 states by the end of 2021.
    • Over the next few weeks, we will add over 1,000 highly involved parents to our team in 12 states. We will make announcements of other work we have done to advance the cause of education.
    • We re-initiated our program to speak at colleges and universities around the country and have multiple locations either booked or pending.
    • We have a massive media program that involves Fox News, as well as the new conservative media, due to strong relationships with OAN, Newsmax, and America’s Voice News Network.
    • We have plans for multiple virtual sessions to expand the reach of our works.

WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT FOREIGN MONEY or be corrupted from our cause.

But we need YOUR help. We need your funding, as well as your network. We need people who are willing to get behind us, to ensure our voices are heard.

We do not compete with other organizations who fight beside us. But we will make the case that we have built a better mouse trap. And we work harder than most groups with a fraction of the funding.

That needs to end. It’s time we pool our resources and take this fight to the next level. Will you stand with us?

We have aggressive plans for expansion, becoming fully national this year. We will also use a provision that allows us to work policy positions as a percentage of our operating budget. Are you ready to become a solution, aimed at solving the education crises?

There is much to be said about investing in education. As Whitney Houston belted out: “I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” 






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  4. Alexei Navalny tells you from Prison

    At the penitentiary gates, Navalny wife and parents carried a few bags of food stores into a waiting room, Where an ancient telephone allowed them to announce their visit to the guards. in a short time, The inmate was led out to reach them. He looked thin, His scalp shorn, a large smile framed by a prison issue hat. Ten months had handed down since Navalny incarceration, and most a year since he was nearly poisoned to death with a chemical weapon. Its effects on his nerves inside the body no longer showed; His hands had stopped trembling. glanced good, His wife Yulia Navalnaya later said. it was Navalny decision to be there. Not in this prison, With its silent guards and its windows papered over to create the sensation, Navalny expresses, Of living during the shoebox. But he did bother making a choice to return to Russia, Fully aware of what the state could do to him. asiame scam From his temp exile, He decided almost exactly a year ago to submit to the custody of the regime that stood charged with trying to murder him. The poison had never kill Navalny. It hadn even really altered him.

    on confines of his barracks, He still runs a network of dissidents about ousting President Vladimir Putin. Its top leaders are fugitives from european law, Though these people were not hard for me to find while reporting this story. Some met me while they were fundraising in new york city or lobbying in Washington. Others demonstrated the TV studio they built in Eastern Europe, Just out of Russia border, To air broadcasts for thousands of followers inside.

    into them, I began to receive many handwritten letters from Penal Colony No. 2. very few questions, Navalny told me in the first one last October. No time for developing here, And is essential getting these pages out is exhausting. You wouldn know it from the degree of his subsequent answers, About two dozen line ruled pages covered in a hurried russian script. the first came punctuated with a smiley face, As though the dissident remained adding emojis to the blog that started his political career.

    Our exchange, Which lasted through the center of January, Coincided with a tense amount of time in Europe. Not long afterwards Navalny family visited him, Putin began massing troops near Russia north west border, Enough to launch an intrusion of Ukraine. The Biden government tried to talk the Russians down, providing a standoff drenched in Cold War revivalism. Envoys worldwide two nuclear superpowers spent weeks trading threats and demands. The vision made Navalny cringe. And again the West falls into Putin primary traps, He published me, In instructions that arrived Jan. 14. Just takes my breath of air away, Watching how Putin pulls this on the American establishment frequently. Considers his imprisonment be politically motivated and a gross injustice. Few folks have studied Putin as long or as obsessively as Navalny. In his albhabets, He tries to describe what motivates the Russian President, And what Putin uncertainties. Forces in east Europe, Or the that Ukraine might one day join the NATO alliance. Accepts Putin agenda and runs to organize some meetings. just like a frightened schoolboy who been bullied by an upperclassman.

    What Putin truly fears is what Navalny philosophy seeks change of power in Russia, and then cashiering its corrupt clan of oligarchs and spies. It isn NATO that keeps Putin up at night; It the place for democratic dissent that NATO opens up along his border. this is what fear, Navalny states, Is what drives all the battles Russia wages with the West. Consolidate the particular and the elites, He contributes, on a regular basis needs all these extreme measures, these kinds of wars ones, multimedia ones, Hybrid ones or just battles at the edge of war, As we taking note of now. To pressure the Kremlin from without while Navalny and his supporters pressure it from the inside of. the combination, he believes, Will split the elites close to Putin, Ushering in what Navalny followers like to call beautiful Russia for the future, constructed to be free, Democratic, At peace with its others who live nearby and the West.

    But that claims elides the ugliness of how dictatorships often fall. Russians will not need to look far for examples. in early January, Protests swept through border Kazakhstan, An oil rich autocracy to italy south. executive buildings were set ablaze. lots of police and protesters were killed. Kazakhstan President issued a shoot to kill order to his security forces and called for some help from Russia and its allies. inside of of of hours, Putin dispatched thousands of troops to help put down the uprising. The attack worked. The protests subsided.

    In our change of letters, I asked Navalny about the outlook of such violence in Russia, And whether he sees it as entertainment change after 21 years under the rule of one man. promenade, He has written, Never thrown with roses. Navalny was given birth and raised in garrison towns, Moving from one to another one with his father, A Soviet officer who did not have much faith in the machine he served. That system fell apart when Navalny was a teen. After analyzing law, He got his first taste of politics as a member of the Yabloko party, a small grouping milquetoast liberals that his mother, a particular economist, insured. kept well, She once told a Russian mag about Navalny youth. is considered to be, we had been poor. Like everybody else. I first met Navalny in Moscow 12 yrs ago. Tall and stooped, With a small paunch and ice blue eyes, He separated itself as the only dissident organized and popular enough to pose even a distant threat to Putin rule. His secret headquarters back then were a cheaply furnished office in Moscow with low ceilings and a heavy metal door. Hunched over laptops in its dim rooms sat the staff of the Anti Corruption makeup foundation, Navalny activist association. He founded it in 2011 to exploit the main listlessness he saw in Putin system: The insatiable greed of its courtiers.

    On social advertisers, the cornerstone became famous for exposing the garish wealth of these elites. Its reports were often based on forensic human resources and bank records. Some used drone footage of german villas owned by Putin underlings. Others plucked evidence from photos that these officials or their relatives posted online, flaunting a yacht or luxury watches. One technocrat had a habit of flying his pet corgis to dog shows on a private jet. In his videos, Navalny delivered these findings in an irreverent style, Like a wisecracking detective for the YouTube building.

    at the end of 2011, When a massive wave of street protests started to call for fair elections, Navalny was well used to lead them. His blog had a massive immediately following, And he had earned a history of incendiary speeches in the streets. Chew with throats of those animals, He told one crowd in Moscow that wintry, Gesturing at what he referred to as and thieves in the Kremlin.

    His rhetoric turned numerous off. Russian liberals were alarmed by Navalny early flirtation making use of far right, Including few videos he released in 2007, One calling for the deportation / removal of migrants, Another comparing Islamist militants to roaches. The Yabloko party expelled him for such talk and other considerations. Putin allies cast him as a right wing the radical, obviously any good fascist.

    in early years of Navalny career, We spent hours talking over his views, concern by circumstances. On equalize, His agenda minted me as center right: He backed by gun rights, Strong sides, Less military spending more radical than a typical Republican in Texas, Or a dean jerrod Democrat in Bavaria. But Navalny politics are not driven by ideology. primarily, He considered necessary democratic change.

    their state took notice. It first experimented with put Navalny in a cell in 2012, When prosecutors accused him with embezzling timber. Navalny known as the case and absurd, But it gave police a pretext for on the lookout his apartment, His organization, Even the company outside Moscow where his parents made wicker baskets. Soon after one exampleof these raids, Navalny invited me to his office. the cornerstone staff had swept the place for bugs and found a camera hidden in the wall, Pointed by using a pinhole at Navalny desk. He shrugged as he presented it to me. is mostly a war, he was quoted saying. want to take away everything these guys have. So why be surprised that they want to take many me?

    a couple of months later, Prosecutors filed new cost, Accusing Navalny and his brother Oleg of stealing from two service provider. Both men were sentenced to three and a half years in a case that the ecu Court of Human Rights would later describe as and unfair. Oleg served much of your term in solitary confinement, Becoming what his brother known as the hostage of the Russian state. Alexei Navalny got off less complicated; The court suspended his sentence. As one Kremlin aligned magazine noted, Putting Navalny behind bars turn him into Russia choice of Nelson Mandela. Yet option him free brought risks too. When Navalny ran for gran of Moscow in 2013, the official tally gave him nearly 30% of the vote.

    a couple of months later, The revolution in Ukraine reminded Putin just how soon a regime can fall. Then chief executive Viktor Yanukovych, His number one ally in Kyiv, Barely held out for two months before fleeing the in a helicopter, Unable to quell a wave of manifestations against rampant corruption. Putin said by sending troops to occupy Crimea and start a separatist war in eastern Ukraine. back home, He persistent building defenses against a similar revolt. around 400,000 troops were hired into a new police force, A praetorian guard trained to put down popular unrest. Its leader, A longtime Putin bodyguard, Later issued a personal warning to Navalny, launching in a video message that he would pound the dissident a juicy slab of meat. Navalny was not deterred. over 2016, He announced plans to run for lead designer. But his campaign still set up offices across the united states. Its activists then ran in in close proximity elections, Exposed problem among the regional elites and spread the promise of a democratic Russia. Navalny spent much of his time visiting his regional offices around the actual, Often drawing extensive crowds.

    It was during one trip to the provinces that he fell strongly ill. In july 2020, Navalny went to Siberia to shoot a video about problem. On the flight you will find Moscow, He took on his press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, And said he felt interesting, incapable of focus. during first minutes, He was sprawled on to the floor of the plane, Groaning in agony and barely well-meaning. The pilot made a desperate landing in Omsk, Where Navalny was rushed to a healthcare. It took two days of public demands before Putin allowed German doctors to evacuate Navalny to Germany. Blood tests there confirmed the cause of his illness: He had been diseased with Novichok, A chemical weapon first synthesized by Soviet scientists and banned under global marketplace law.

    Experts supposed the poison had been smeared on Navalny clothes, Passing through his skin into the circulatory system. When Putin was mentioned the crime at a press conference, choice a joke of it. is going to need him? The chief executive said of Navalny with a laugh. If Russia had want to poison him, Putin placed, might have finished the job. When he came out of a coma, Navalny had trouble recognizing his wife and youngsters. The poison had attacked his nerves inside the body, Affecting his memory and motor functionality. His wife later told me regarding the delirium and hallucinations that caused him to rip the IV tubes from his veins, spraying the bedsheets with blood. Weeks passed before he relearned utilizing a spoon, to create, To walk and to unclutter himself.

    almost a year after the poisoning, Navalny felt very well to resume his activism. His team gathered in Germany to look at the attack. Using leaked phone and travel captures, They worked with several news institutions and with Bellingcat, A London based investigative outlet, to be able to the assailants, Mostly Russian surveillance officers. Navalny himself called one regarding, faking to be a senior Kremlin official, And demanded to know why the attack had didn’t kill its target. The was assassin, unsurprisingly believing he was on the phone with his superior, Discussed the crime intimately, Explaining that agents had sneaked into Navalny college dorm in Siberia and smeared the toxin on his underwear. to date on Jan. 17, 2021, He and his wife flew back in Moscow. Navalny insists the choice was easy. Were no negotiations with my friends, No emotionally charged talks with my wife, He gave them me. the second I opened my eyes, I knew I had to come back. At passport reduce in Moscow, Several officers contacted Navalny and led him away from his wife. His allies had clear suggestions of what to do next. Within two times of his arrest, They released a second exploration their team had prepared while in Germany. It took aim exclusively at Putin, back-links him to a secret palace on the Black Sea coast. Navalny team had used a drone to film the house, Which features an underground ice rink, Two helipads, any kind of arboretum, An amphitheater and an e-casino. The film racked up 100 million views on YouTube in a few days. Putin denied owning the estate; His younger years friend from St. Petersburg, this point a billionaire, Claimed it is part of him. calm, can be inspired tens of thousands of Russians to protest in the streets, Chanting, Is a crook! As they marched your way through Moscow. Anti file corruption error rallies broke out in more than 100 cities and towns across Russia that weekend.

    The Kremlin remedy was fierce. Thousands of protesters were detained, And dozens of independent journalists and news outlets were later put on a state blacklist of agents. Anyone caused by Navalny, this kind of his lawyers, Found their company in legal jeopardy. the ageing father of one of his allies was sent to jail above the Arctic Circle. One spring afternoon in 2021, A military counterintelligence unit raided the office and home of Ivan Pavlov, A person in Navalny legal team, Seizing case files and technology. Linked to Navalny is now drawn with risk, Pavlov told me by telephone from Tbilisi, atlanta, Where he fled regarding his family. referfing to Putin public enemy No. 1. preceding June, A court in Moscow designated Navalny basic an extremist group. Under european law, The ruling made it a crime to work with or support the business, A legal status much like that of ISIS or al Qaeda. the basement walls regional branches shut down. safeguards forces pursued its staff, charging you some with extremism. many more fled Russia for fear of arrest.

    immediately after, Navalny was summoned to the warden office at Penal Colony No. 2. Inside he found a group of officials seated at a conference table. A portrait of a youthful Putin hung on the wall in it. In a robot patter, A guard read a proposal to alter Navalny status at the prison. He would not treated as an inmate prone to attempting escape. Instead he shall be deemed an extremist, severe and liable to indoctrinate his peers. the alteration was approved by unanimous vote.

    since then, a touch plastic tile, resembling a cheap Christmas ornament, ended up being affixed to the foot of Navalny bed with tape. It inscribed with the text prone to crimes of a terrorist nature, A marking that infuriates Navalny. Putin is the one ordered an act of terrorism kill a politics opponent, He writes in his text letters. It my bed that has content label terrorist. Sanctioned a small grouping Russian security officers for trying to kill Navalny with a chemical weapon. Most of those identified in Navalny enquiry were on the list. Yet he was angry in the American response. Are precisely the agents of Putin will, He composed me. Impose sanctions on some colonels and generals, Who don even have any money abroad. It would be far more advantageous, he admits that, To track Putin own fortune and the bagmen who keep it for him in Western banks. Really user-friendly, Navalny writes. Want to have an effect on Putin, Then sway his personal wealth. It right under your backside.

    Navalny basis sent a similar message to the White House early last year, needing sanctions against 35 of Russia most senior officials and oligarchs close to Putin. The estimate has bipartisan support in Congress, the location where the blacklist was dubbed the Navalny 35. negotiator Tom Malinowski, A New Jersey Democrat and former diplomat in the national government. Navalny knowledge, Malinowski told me, That corruption is both the Putin regime reason for being and its greatest political vulnerability.

    The Biden insolvency has been vocal in condemning the Kremlin attacks against Navalny and his movement. But it has avoided conveying support for his dream of political change in Russia, and has now not imposed the sanctions he proposes. One Kremlin expert, Who is close to some of the people on Navalny blacklist, Told me that going after them would be unsuccessful, Because no targets could change Putin mind about Navalny, NATO or sometimes Ukraine. You even imagine such a discussion? Vladimirovich, Maybe we should ease up. We got a lot of cash on the line. Nobody would come to him with something of that nature, Says dealing with. need to be an idiot. But the aim of the sanctions, Navalny smiled and told me, wouldn’t be to convince Russian billionaires to reason with Putin. It is to impulse them to turn against him.

    In adhering to that goal, Navalny had always been careful to avoid foreign sponsors, unwilling to be perceived inside Russia as an agent of the West. That policy became moot once the state designated his business organisation a agent last year. Untied our poker hands, reports Leonid Volkov, A long time ally of Navalny, Who now helps run the motions from exile.

    The group now openly calls for political backing from foreign authorities and solicits money from private donors. When we met over dinner in december, Volkov was in miami to speak before Congress on Navalny behalf and drum up support. A few days later, He held the movement first official fundraiser in new york, where you invite wealthy Russian expats to back their cause. Hundreds came along, Snapping selfies with Navalny surrogates like they were super stars.

    The caused windfall from such donors has helped pay for their new bases of operation in Eastern Europe. When I went along to in January, Their location in Vilnius, the funding of Lithuania, Looked more like a media startup than a revolutionary lair, Though freshly exiled activists are welcome to use its shower and rest on the beanbags that lean on the walls. motion were busy setting up a new TV studio, Where Navalny allies film video deliberate or not that are broadcast into Russia, Routinely finding a crowd of millions. In the kitchenette, A poster shows a red X over two surveillance cameras, as well as a caption: They can see every little thing. History obliges us to welcome purchasing, Vytautas Landsbergis, The founding father of contemporary Lithuania, Told me recently in his Vilnius accommodation. Question for us is whether they’d like to liberate Russia from Putin the way we liberated ourselves from the KGB. in the spring of 1990, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare its overall flexibility from Moscow. Landsbergis signed that announcement, Then faced down the Soviet tanks sent to crush the rebellion the following year. More than a dozen demonstrators wound up dead before the Kremlin backed off and let the break away. Landsbergis, 89, Retired previously. His grandson Gabrielius Landsbergis is now place Foreign Minister. Between talks with NATO allies in jan, He told me Lithuania is honored to offer a space for Navalny order to envision a Russia beyond Putin.

    That Russia probably many years away. Under russian law, Putin can remain in power at least until 2036, owing to a constitutional amendment enacted last year. but if the West wants political change in Russia, Navalny is currently writing, Do not in any respect have to wait for Putin physical death. State repression could spark an uprising. supports could instigate a palace coup. on occasions his letters seem almost impati.

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