Democrats Can’t Like THESE Polls

Biden is dying on multiple fronts.

Joey Demento couldn’t possibly believe WAR would help his poll numbers?!

But you never know when it comes to the braindead Commander in Grief who Democrats propped up in the big chair in the Oval Office.

Biden’s dementia and incompetence is on full display. And if Democrats think things will improve, they’d better think again.

I ask often on my radio show, what do Democrats possibly believe will improve between now and the midterms? Also, between now and the 2024 Presidential Election?

Biden will be much older–the man now ages in dog years. Further, his dementia will worsen.

Millions of Democrats have lost faith in their party. But that’s not the bad news. The bad news is that millions of Democrats now understand why people voted for Trump.

At no time in modern history has the United States gone from greatness to sh*t than in the first year of the Biden coup. And nn surveys last week, Americans express our disdain, as Rasmussen reports:

– President Biden ended the polling week with a daily job approval of 42%.

Let’s be honest. These numbers are doctored. Biden has been hovering here for quite some time. But Russia invading Ukraine didn’t help. Which brings me to point number two.

– Most voters don’t think President Joe Biden has effectively responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and don’t believe economic sanctions will be enough to stop the Russian aggression.

Of course, Biden himself said not to expect much of the sanctions.

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Remember when candidate-then-President Donald Trump called on NATO to pay its bills? How prophetic was that?

According to Rasmussen,

– Most voters think the United States is paying more than its fair share of NATO’s budget, and many question whether we are getting our money’s worth from the alliance.

And what about Trump starting World War III? As we all know, that didn’t happen. In fact, Trump kept us out of wars by using the strong economy that he built. Biden no longer has that luxury. And as for the prospect for war, Americans aren’t confident that Biden can keep us out of one.

– With Russian troops advancing toward the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, most voters believe the invasion could spark a wider war in Europe, and nearly half think U.S. troops should be part of such a war.

How are the Democrats’ prospects in general? Not good; at least for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

– House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to seek another term in Congress, but most voters (including nearly a third of Democrats) think it would be better for the country if she stepped down.

Next, file this under Captain Obvious, but Americans aren’t too keen on how the war between Russia and Ukraine will impact America.

– Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, most Americans believe.

– Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused gasoline prices to spike, and most Americans expect the cost to continue rising.

Understandably “Let’s go Brandon!” will be the rallying cry at the polls in November. And the Democrats won’t have mail-in voting or the fake news polls to cover their cheating.




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