Democrats Facing Fallout: Trump Not Guilty

Once again the facts destroy the fiction.

More anvils are falling on the heads of the Democrat Party, as the Manhattan DA ended one of many Trump-directed witch hunts. So what’s the next move against the iconic orange man?

Apparently, the investigation is over. As it should have been months ago. Actually, it never should have started. But Democrats were holding out hope that they’d finally catch Trump doing something. Anything they could use against him.

DA Alvin Bragg came into office after the investigation commenced. And he promised to follow the facts. Of course, we were confident that facts would clear Trump. Still, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Bragg closed the book and decided not to press any charges. Because when it comes to Donald Trump, there are a lot of power players that want to keep him far away from public office. Those power players enlist Democrats and Republicans alike to further their cause. So when truth prevails, it is an absolute victory for conservatives.

Like most victories, there were definite casualties. In fact, two top investigators stepped down over Trump’s vindication.

Fox News elaborates:

Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, who had been leading the investigation under former DA Cyrus Vance, submitted their resignations last month, after Bragg began raising doubts about pursuing a case against Trump.

“You have reached the decision not to go forward with the grand jury presentation and not to seek criminal charges at the present time,” Pomerantz wrote in his resignation letter, first reported by the New York Times. “The investigation has been suspended indefinitely.”

“Of course, that is your decision to make,” Pomerantz wrote to Bragg. “I do not question your authority to make it, and I accept that you have made it sincerely.”

However, Pomerantz said that “a decision made in good faith may nevertheless be wrong.”

“I believe that your decision not to prosecute Donald Trump now, and on the existing record, is misguided and completely contrary to the public interest,” Pomerantz wrote. “I therefore cannot continue in my current position.”

Pomerantz wrote that he believed Trump was “guilty of numerous felony violations” and said it would be a “grave failure of justice not to prosecute him.”

Pomerantz and Dunne had previously agreed to stay on in the district attorney’s office after Vance’s term expired in January and Bragg took the helm.

At the time, Bragg said he was getting up to speed on the Trump investigation and vowed to “follow the facts.”

“It’s a matter that’s personally, as you would imagine, on my radar screen and that I’m mindful of and paying attention to,” Bragg said.

But while Pomerantz and his team were prepared to move forward with charges against Trump, Bragg was not.

Despite that decision, Pomerantz, in his resignation letter, claimed his team that had been investigating Trump “harbors no doubt about whether he committed crimes—he did.”

But did he? Really?

Is anyone else having flashbacks here? Because I remember when Rachel Maddow was scooped by President Trump a few years ago. She promised viewers (all ten of them) that she had the goods on Donald Trump.

For the entire day, MSNBC played clips of Maddow waving around Trump’s 2005 tax return. Maddow’s intent was to prove that Trump didn’t pay his taxes.

This became a Leftist mantra, “Trump never paid taxes.” Interestingly, Trump never bothered to acknowledge the accusation. Thus Maddow joined the witch hunt.

As it turns out, despite the ability to not pay taxes due to earlier losses, Donald Trump had paid taxes. A lot of taxes. $38 MILLION in taxes.

Allow me to spare you the details, except to say that Maddow spent almost the entire show stalling. She’d been scooped. Thus, her narrative was blown.

If only there had been a way to tie Trump to RUSSIA!

Ironically, Maddow didn’t even acknowledge that Trump paid $38 million in taxes. Nor did she explain that he could have avoided the tax burden due to his $916 million loss in 1995, an exemption he could use for up to 18 years.

The story here isn’t all that different. Trump did the opposite of what leftists accused him of doing.

Back to Fox:

[A] source familiar with the investigation pointed Fox News Digital, specifically, to Trump’s “Statement of Financial Condition,” which reports an entity’s assets, liabilities and abilities to raise and use funds.

The source told Fox News Digital that Trump did not inflate his financial statements, as prosecutors had anticipated, but instead, undervalued his assets.

Re-read that. Trump “undervalued” his assets.

In other words, he made himself look worse, not better.

The source also told Fox News that Trump never defaulted on payments to banks, and said his statement of financial condition included “caveats” which “refuted” claims by the DA’s office.

One source familiar with the investigation claimed the case against Trump was political and fueled by the former president’s political enemies, and told Fox News that Pomerantz “shouldn’t have been in the DA’s office in the first place.”

Before joining Vance’s office, Pomerantz was of counsel at New York law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He took leave from the firm last year to join Vance’s office to investigate Trump’s financial dealings.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s brother, Robert Schumer, is a partner at the firm. Pomerantz donated to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“It is a great tribute to the system that Alvin Bragg came in and stopped the unfairness against Trump,” a source close to the investigation told Fox News. “Bragg and his team did the legally and morally correct thing, and they didn’t go the typical political route.”

The source added that Bragg and his team “realized they had no case, they stopped it.”

Let’s break it down here. Bragg took over the DA’s office, and he was willing to face the facts. He asked for provable information against Donald Trump. No one could ante up. Case closed. As it should be here in the United States of America. It’s a little thing we like to call “innocent, until PROVEN guilty.”



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