Joe Biden Nuking Ukraine and the American Economy

Are Democrats ready to call off the Big Cheat yet?

What a thrill to watch Democrats figure out how to spin the actions of Captain Demento. They released Biden from the dungeon, and found out that clown is the krakken.

Democrats, when will you admit that Joe Biden is a train wreck? Further, admit that you cheated the man into office and you now have regrets.

What a turbulent world we live in, post-Trump and caused by The Big Cheat. I remember the warnings Democrats gave if Trump were elected.

First, they said the economy would go to sh*t. Then second, they claimed Trump would cause World War III. Yet Trump built one of the best economies in American history, and got us out of all of the Obama-era wars.

On the other hand, under Joey Dense, our economy is in shambles and the U.S. is on a collision course of war with Russia.

In analyzing Biden’s performance, where do I begin?

Let’s start with Hunter Biden.

Recall Crackhead Biden received money from both countries now at war. See what happens when a crackhead is allowed to run roughshod over America’s foreign policy. Out of curiosity, is anybody in the Department of Justice remotely interested in Hunter Biden’s dealings with these two warring nations? Because my bet is that if anybody with the name Trump were involved, we would have our boogeyman.

And how ’bout that humanitarian crisis?!

In honor of the Democrats “COVID COUNT” we can now count the number of Ukrainians running for their lives. Only a day ago, it was 520,000. The next day I read that 800,000 Ukrainians were running, and Poland was receiving about 50,000 per day. Now, I heard that number tops one million.

According to the UNCHR, that number could reach 12 million.

Hey AOC, John Kerry, and Joey Demento are you sure global climate change is the biggest existential threat to mankind?

As Kamala Harris yucked, “Elections have consequences!”

Elections indeed matter!

And currently one million Ukrainians wish Donald Trump hadn’t been cheated out of his election. And the roughly 24 million Taiwanese feel the same. More on Taiwan another time.

Interestingly, as gas prices rose in America, Joe Biden decided to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. As I wrote earlier on this topic, Biden didn’t take the Strategic Windmill Reserve, the Strategic Sunlight Reserve, and so on. He tapped dirty black energy. And PROUDLY so.

Biden put a band-aid on a bullet hole from an energy perspective and now he wants a trophy? Keep in mind Americanskis that Biden destroyed America’s independence on foreign oil, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, AND started buying oil from Putin.

I’m beginning to think that Hunter Biden isn’t the only crackhead in the family.

Gasoline prices continue to rise. But Biden can’t keep tapping the reserve, despite no relief in sight. Inflation will not improve before the midterms, so Biden’s administration is on life support. But it gets worse for Biden.

Nuking Ukraine

As of this writing, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant is in danger of a meltdown. Biden announced quickly that Ukraine had nothing to worry about. Why? Because like he’s done with cancer, Biden will solve it.

I have one word for Ukrainians living near that nuclear reactor: RUN!

Joe Biden may have started a nuclear war of sorts. Certainly at this point Democrats could at least consider removing the nuclear “football” from Biden. Perhaps put it in a vault? Because who knows what else this man might nuke, the American economy notwithstanding.

Finally, how ’bout them guns?!

I actually heard world news reports that encouraged Ukrainians to get guns to fight the Russians. The Washington Examiner explained:

“People have been lining up to collect guns that are being given out, weapons that are being given out to the territorial defense organizations,” Zamaslo said. “[They] are saying, ‘OK, I went through my training, I’m ready to do my job.’”

Talk about Leftism taking it in the nuts on about every issue. So for those who still act as if Trump were president, I remind them that he is not. Biden wanted the job so badly, he was willing to take it though he was neither mentally or physically up to the task.

Whether Democrats admit it or not, Biden should be removed from office for shear incompetency.



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