Meet the Former Democrat Voters

There are MILLIONS

Trump got 16 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. And you can bet that he got no help from Dominion.

So where did these votes come from? Three places.

  • Former RINOs
  • Former Independents
  • And former Democrats

While the Asian population is generally split between Democrats and Republicans, meet at least 3 who will be voting Republican.

I know that Republicans won’t get overly excited about the Asian vote.

Ok, so forget that part of the video. Because the crime that played out in this Asian establishment is the key. This crime happens every day, all over the country anywhere Democrats are in control.

Businesses have shut down in many cities and metro areas due to crime rates.

The Wall Street Journal published a story about property crime rates. California’s former crown jewel of a city leads in property crime rates among America’s largest cities:

Among the 25 largest U.S. cities, San Francisco has had the highest property-crime rate in four of the most recent six years for which data is available, bucking the long-term national decline in such crimes that began in the 1990s. Property crimes declined in San Francisco during the first year of the pandemic, but rose 13% in 2021. Burglaries in the city are at their highest levels since the mid-1990s. There were 20,663 thefts from vehicles last year — almost 57 a day — a 39% increase from the prior year, although still below the record of 31,398 in 2017, according to the police.

Smashed storefronts are so common that the city launched a program to fix them with public money. Car owners leave notes declaring there is nothing of value in their vehicles, or leave their windows open to save themselves from broken glass. Videos of shoplifters hauling goods out of drugstores such as Walgreens have gone viral, and a smash-and-grab robbery by 20 to 40 people at a Louis Vuitton store last November made the national news.

While the cost of stolen goods can be calculated, there remain other costs.

The story continues,

Owners of small businesses say the costs of security and repairs are eating into profits already diminished by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the Castro, the neighborhood where Cliff’s is located, shops have recorded nearly 100 instances of smashed windows and doors that cost $170,000 to repair since the beginning of 2020, according to the neighborhood’s merchant association.

Sadly, San Francisco business owners see no respite from the thefts.

Some former police officials said in interviews that officers don’t feel it is worth making an arrest in low-level cases because they assume the district attorney won’t file charges. They also point to a statewide ballot measure passed in 2014 — Proposition 47 — that raised the dollar amount at which theft can be prosecuted as a felony from $400 to $950.

You can bet that the increased crime rate caused many of the Democrats and Independents to shift to Republicans. But the carnage for Democrats continues with women.

It’s my body?

For the Women’s Movement, the Biden administration represents the enemy. On his first day in office, Biden revoked Trump policies that mandated men participate in men’s sports and women participate in women’s sports. Instead, Biden decided transgender athletes have the right to participate with the gender they identify with.

One article breaks down the threat to women’s sports:

Alliance Defending Freedom has already seen the impact of these types of policies firsthand.

And it’s not pretty.

  • ADF is representing four female athletes in Connecticut, where a high school athletic association policy allows male athletes who identify as females to compete against the girls. This has resulted in two male athletes claiming 15 state championship titles that previously belonged to nine different girls. And in just three years, over 85 chances to compete in elite athletic competitions were taken from girls across the state.
  • ADF represents two collegiate athletes in Idaho who are defending a state law that preserves women’s sports for female athletes. These two women compete on the track and cross-country teams for Idaho State University, which is part of the NCAA Division I Big Sky Conference. At the conference championships last year, a male athlete was permitted to compete against the women—after competing on the men’s team for three years—and easily won the women’s mile.

Policies like these ignore good science and biological reality, destroy the fair competition protected by Title IX, and take away equal opportunities for girls and women.

But that’s not all.

Threatening Women’s Privacy and Health

Under Biden’s executive order, federal agencies could mandate that schools with sex-specific facilities for girls—locker rooms, showers, and restrooms—open those spaces to males who identify as females. If these schools refused, choosing instead to find a solution that protected the privacy of all of their students, they would lose their federal funding.

Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice issued letters threatening the suspension of federal funding for North Carolina’s schools and university system unless the state government renounced the law known as “House Bill 2.” The law ensured that government facilities, including public schools, protect personal privacy by maintaining sex-specific restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. ADF attorneys represented parents who were concerned about their daughters’ privacy.

In addition to that, the Biden administration will likely seek to impose its interpretation of Title IX through the Affordable Care Act—as did President Obama—forcing doctors, hospitals, and health professionals to ignore the physical and medical reality that women’s bodies are different than men no matter what other gender they “identify” as.

With this executive order, these threats to privacy and health will resurface.

The reality is that there are actual physical differences between men and women, and those differences matter. When the law treats men and women as if they have no biological differences, it’s women and girls who get hurt.

Our country was founded on the principle that we are all created equal. But the policies that President Biden is pushing do not treat women equally—in fact, they gut legal protections for women and girls.

A political agenda should never trump the safety, privacy, and equal opportunities of women and girls. And if it does, you can rest assured that ADF will be there to stand up for their rights—all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Meanwhile, one can bet 2022 and 2024 will mark huge migrations of Democrat voters, because it’s getting harder and harder to go along with their antics.


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