Pelosi Gives BIZARRE Presser on War Strategy

Why do Democrats want leaders like this?

After watching Pelosi describe her war strategy for Ukraine, two words come to mind: term limits.

As if it’s not enough that America has a demented “president”, a Sista Girl #MeToo NOT! VP, we have a Speaker of the House who is batsh*t crazy as well.

Americans can’t trust this government to the top three legislators! And we call other countries Third World?

Watch Pelosi describe how she would deal with Russia:

I know that Pelosi married an Italian man, but what’s with all those hand gestures? Holy Mother of Houdini, that woman certainly pulled a few rabbits out of her ass in that presser.

Is there a 25th Amendment for Congress-skanks who are far past their expiration date? I honestly am at a loss to describe what I saw. But what has me more perplexed is that Democrats want these type of people leading them.

Who would vote for Pelosi after her many performances like this? Democrats! That’s who. Consider that about 40 million braindead morons voted for Biden, so idiots are real.

I defy Democrats to defend any of their Top Three leaders at this point.

Joe Biden is a shell of a human. As former President Trump said of Biden at a rally in South Carolina, he is physically and mentally unfit for the job of president. Sadly for the Democrats, so are all their other choices.

If it weren’t for cheating, Democrats couldn’t win most elections. And I’m including inner city elections. We’ve just been schooled to believe that Democrats are unbeatable in the inner cities, for example. However, I don’t believe this. I think Democrats are beatable everywhere; it just takes resolve.

Sadly for Republicans, our leadership isn’t much better. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a RINO, and as useful as a baseball bat in a hockey game. But there is good news for everyone.

Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Biden, Clinton and many others will soon f*cking die. And though some may grieve for them, America will be better off without these pseudo-leaders. The time has come for new leaders; real leaders.

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