Russia Wants to Erase Ukraine, But Zelensky Won’t Be Forgotten

Full Scale Genocide in Action

Russia’s attacks on the Ukraine are relentless. They continue to unload a barrage of ammunition on cities such as Kyiv.

It seems certain that WWIII is commencing. Right now, countries in the west say they aren’t “getting involved,” but don’t be surprised if these attacks come our way.

Think about it, Biden clearly showcased his weakness for all the world to see. Putin could decide he has the power to pick us apart as well. Of course, our military could wipe him off the face of this earth. But does our Commander in Chief have the balls to make such a bold move? Especially if we were under attack? Or would he stand in front of a camera calling Ukrainians Iranians and talk about his hairy legs while soiling his diapers?

Right now, attacking the United States seems highly unlikely, but just no, we’re not safe with a demented clown in the Oval Office. For now, Putin is busy destroying his neighbor, Hitler style.

As the Daily Mail reports:

Russia has today stepped up its attacks on Ukraine’s major cities as officials in Mariupol said a ‘full-scale genocide’ was underway as Putin’s men unleashed a 15-hour artillery barrage while Kharkiv also came under heavy bombardment in a dark sign of what could be to come in the capital Kyiv.

Mariupol, located in the south of Ukraine on the Black Sea, has been surrounded by Russian forces and struck by artillery in an apparent attempt to bomb the city into submission as Putin’s men resort to ‘medieval’ tactics. Sergiy Orlov, the deputy mayor, said entire districts had been levelled with such heavy barrages that medics cannot get in to retrieve the dead.

‘We are near to a humanitarian catastrophe,’ he said. ‘Russian forces are several kilometers away on all sides,’ he added. ‘The Ukrainian army is brave and they will continue to defend the city, but Russia does not fight with their army, they just destroy districts… We are in a terrible situation.’

Meanwhile Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, came under heavy barrage in the early hours as Russian troops try to surround and seize it after days of fighting – with a rocket slamming into a university building and police station in the early hours before the city council was also struck, with one of the explosions caught in a dramatic video.

The bombardment gives a dark taste of what is likely to come for other cities such as Kyiv after analysts warned Russia’s military – having suffered heavy losses trying to pull off ambitious precision strikes – was likely to resort to surrounding cities and bombing them into submission to force a bloody victory.

Ukraine’s emergency services estimate that 2,000 civilians have been killed so-far during Russia’s invasion, though that figure is likely to be an under-count once Wednesday’s figures are tallied.

If Mariupol falls, then thousands of Ukrainian troops dug into trenches along the old frontline in Donetsk are at risk of being surrounded next. Chernihiv, in the north east, and Sumy, in the east, face similar fates – as does the town of Konotop with residents today given the ultimatum of ‘surrender or be destroyed’.

Russia seems to be losing momentum at this point. And peace talks were expected to resume at some point today, with a possible ceasefire on the table. However, so far, it hasn’t happened. What has happened is that the Ukrainian president continues to portray incredible bravery and leadership.

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Zelensky’s Power to Move

A German interpreter was translating a speech made by President Zelensky when she was moved to tears.

Fox News explains:

A German interpreter responsible for translating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech on live TV Saturday evening was so moved by its contents that she abruptly stopped before she broke down into tears, she said.

Translating for the German news service Welt, the translator could be heard getting choked up towards the end of Zelenskyy’s speech, before she apologized, a video online showed.

“Russia is on the path of evil. Russia must lose its voice in the U.N,” said Zelenskyy, followed by the translator’s interpretation.

The Ukrainian president, whose country has incurred countless losses across several days of a Russian invasion, then encouraged his people to be hopeful in the seemingly dire situation.

“Ukrainians, we know exactly what we are defending. We will definitely win,” Zelenskyy added, as the interpreter began to break down. “Glory to each of our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian president added.

“Excuse me,” the interpreter said after a brief pause.

Zelenskyy has refused to leave the capital city of Kyiv, despite Russian forces continuing to besiege it.

His speech Saturday referenced many of the difficulties the Ukrainian people have faced: “Last night was brutal in Ukraine. Again, the shelling, again the bombing of residential areas and civilian infrastructure.”

“The people rose to defend their state, and they showed their true faces. This is terror. They are going to bomb our Ukrainian cities even more. They are going to kill our children even more insidiously. This is an evil that has come to our land and must be destroyed.”

“If children are born in shelters, even when the shelling continues, then the enemy has no chance in this — undoubtedly — people’s war,” Zelenskyy added. “To victory! Glory to Ukraine!”




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