Elon Musk Close to a Deal with Twitter

Elon Musk gets things done. And it looks like he may be the new proud owner of the Gestapo-run social media platform known as Twitter.

According to TechCrunch,

As unlikely as it may have once seemed, reports indicate Elon Musk may actually end up the owner of a newly-private Twitter after all. Both The Washington Post and The New York Times are reporting that Twitter’s board is seriously considering Musk’s offer to buy the company, with the corporate governing body’s attitude towards the offer changing following Musk’s outlining of his plan to source the funds to make real his $46.5 billion offer to buy the company.

Twitter’s board met on Sunday to discuss Musk’s offer, and the NYT reports that they then entered into negotiations with Musk early on Monday morning to hammer out additional details including the timeline for close and what, if any, financial protections Twitter would enjoy were any potential deal to go south post-announcement.

As I’ve said many times, Twitter would face serious consequences if they didn’t at least play along with Musk. Because the offer is many more times worth what Twitter is worth.

Frankly, I think Musk would be better forming a new social media site and save himself about $40 billion. However, the bigger point may be that Musk wins and Leftism loses.

It’s not a done deal.

The article continues,

Both reports stress that the deal is not yet final and could still fall apart, but given where we started it’s kind of amazing that it’s even gotten this far. Musk’s bid was initially seen by critics as undervaluing the company significantly despite it representing a premium on the current, depressed Twitter stock price, and the board even instituted a ‘poison pill’ policy to try to block Musk from acquiring a much more significant ownership position in the company.

Regardless of what happens, Musk shone light onto the Leftist-dominated social media space. Things will change.

Don’t think that if Musk is successful he doesn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve that Twitter and Facebook haven’t considered. As you ponder what that could be, understand that Musk revolutionized the car industry. Some say that he has done more to fight “climate change” than any single person. What do you think he can do with social media?

Truth Social may be a thing of the past. Musk has far more money than Donald Trump. And while Trump is a problem-solver in many things, social media doesn’t appear to be his forte.

The good news is that Conservatives may have not one but two billionaires entering social media. This fact should scare the hell out of Leftists.




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