Former Fox News Host Claims He’s a VICTIM

While I’m no fan of Fock Snooze, during the Roger Ailes era the place rocked.

Roger built a rock of Gibraltar, because he understood news and people. He was about “the brand”.

Roger told me to be myself in representing Fox News, but “respect the brand”. I always remembered that. And I respected the brand, until they called my truthful tweet about the Kavanaugh accusers, “reprehensible behavior”.

Since when is the truth reprehensible? When Leftist feminists say so, apparently.

I wrote an article where I finally discussed what happened. I refrained from hammering the organization, initially. Even after their statement about my tweet. And trust me; everybody wanted me to hammer Fox News from Al Jazeera to The New York Times.

But after a while, I learned that Fock Snooze execs put a fatwa on my speaking engagements. They wouldn’t attend events where I was speaking.

I guess to them, I was a big deal. Or at least uncontrollable like many of their lapdog contributors and even some hosts.

Anyway, I was fired. But I have no regrets. The income was nice; but not nearly enough to sell one’s soul. Moreover, my soul is not for sale. I would manage, and I have unlike some of the other Fock Snooze (post-Ailes Fox News) alumni. For some of them, things haven’t gone as well.

Megyn Kelly left to NBC. Needless to say, that ended horribly for her. She fell far from grace with that move. Even the venerable Bill O’Reilly is rarely seen these days.

Shepard Smith moved into obscurity when he abruptly left after a spat with another host. Where is Smith’s career now? In the toilet.

We can add a new name to this list.

Chris Wallace declared that he disagreed with Fock Snooze philosophically. So he pulled an Alisyn Camerota, and went to CNN. Actually CNN+.

As it turns out, the former “Fox News Sunday” anchor said on Sunday that he’s “reeling…but in good shape” after learning of the demise of CNN+. Saturday, after only one month online, the digital platform will officially shut down because no one was watching. Which isn’t at all surprising after their Network ratings over the past five years.

Wallace abruptly left FOX in December. Shortly after he announced his move to CNN for the ill-fated interview-based show, called “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” According Mediaite, Wallace complained to former CBS News reporter Jacqueline Adams that he had been a “victim” of the current situation.

As I mentioned earlier, news hosts get a false sense of ego regarding their worth. Once they leave the “brand”, reality smacks them in the face: they aren’t that good.

In lamenting his new situation, Wallace appeared at a Common Ground Committee live-streamed event titled “Media, Politics, and Polarization.” As part of the discussion, Wallace addressed questions about the demise of CNN+ and his future.

“It’s an interesting thing and I’ve been a victim of all of this in the last week.”

Victim? The victim is CNN. They expected Chris Wallace to save them. Isn’t that what former Fock Snooze hosts are supposed to do; bring the ratings?

Chris Wallace failed. And like most Leftists who fail, he blames others.





  1. Ah yes, the perennial victims. What would we do without them.
    Balless er Wallace suffered from delusions of grandeur until it finally consumed him. Not a big loss to Fox, TV or America. We will somehow survive without him.
    RIP Mr. Peepers

  2. Kevin, I have been a talk radio fan since the early 1990s and one of my long ago fantasy jobs was – talk radio producer! But I would not want to be the on-air personality. The way I see it the on-air people on radio and video-based media and other media are often pushed to be controversial to get ratings, then thrown under the bus if it gets a little too hot to handle. Even if I had the talent for that job, which I don’t, that’s too much stress to live with! For me. Sometimes the personalities help be the “face” of the brand but there is an abrupt change of direction and it’s not necessarily anything they did. That happens too!

    We need people who can get out there and take the stress. But it must take a toll. I used to do a web site for a radio station that changed personnel so much it was almost a meme. I’d get a phone call saying this person is going to be gone by such and such a time, can you switch out a page at this time from this person to this person, here is a photo and bio, get it ready. I felt bad for the person wondering if I knew before they did. That’s the worst feeling, wondering when it’s your turn under the bus, whatever job you have!

  3. Fox News – the ONLY REAL Cable news, is decidedly better off without the Communists Kelly, Smith and Wallace. Now if they can get rid of “Jerry Rivers” [ aka Geraldo Rivera ] and for God’s sake why on earth did they hire that fat mouthed, gun hating, ugly Limey Morgan???? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD NAME WOULD NAME A KID PIERS???

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