In DEFENSE of General William T. Cooley

I don’t condone adultery. Instead, I wish everyone honored their marriage vows. I believe in “forever amen”. And I believe in “happily ever after”.  But I hate all this grandstanding which masquerades as women’s rights and I hate unjustified pathological oversensitivity and bleatings of victimhood.

I knew justice had suffered a TKO when women were allowed to claim rape against their husbands.  It demeaned those women who really were raped, some even murdered, and undermined their credibility.

But after this cockamamie law was enacted, it opened the floodgates – not coincidentally, in my opinion – for all kinds of false accusations, such as by vicious women in divorce cases who falsely accuse their husbands of having molested their children, thereby ruining the man’s life forever.

Is having a vagina a justification for women to be pedestalized and believed without proof? Don’t get me started on the likes of trash like Christine Blasey-Ford, who spewed lies to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming Supreme Court Justice, or Amber Heard who is hell-bent on destroying Johnny Depp in the ongoing trial.

It is in this climate that the court martial of Major General William Cooley is occurring: the first ever court martial of a flag officer in the history of the United States Air Force. He is accused of forcibly kissing a woman, grabbing her breasts and genitals, as well as forcibly putting her hand on his clothed crotch.

BTW, none of the news outlets, except for and one other I saw, mention (1) that the female was neither a civilian nor military employee of the Department of Defense; (2) she is his sister-in-law; (3) the alleged touching did not occur on a military premises; (4) the claim that she had engaged in a consensual one-night stand or brief fling with him.

Could it be these omissions were deliberate in order to vilify the General? Is it a case of let’s forget about presumed innocence and let’s crucify him without evidence in the court of public opinion?

If General Bill Cooley had done this to a DoD employee, then I say throw the book at him. But this should have been taken care of within the family.


The woman is Mary T. Cooley, 59-year-old wife of  56-year-old Dr. Thomas W. Cooley: the twin brother of General Cooley. Dr. Thomas Cooley is the Chief Scientist for the Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, which is part of the Air Force Materiel Command at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Why is she so overdramatic, claiming to have been traumatized, especially if it were true that she had already had the most intimate experience with Bill Cooley that a woman can have with a man?

Her hysteria seems fake. Two gay friends of hers, a husband and husband couple, testified that the Cooley woman seemed “shell-shocked” and “teary” for “weeks” and that she termed the incident “violent”.  What a clever way of establishing corroborating witnesses, even though that’s hearsay. The two fellows witnessed nothing. And she could very well be lying.

“Violent”? Traumatized for “weeks”? Oh, please. The aggressor in her case was not a serial killer-rapist wielding a gun or box cutter. I once interviewed a lady who suffered rape, was beaten, and had her face mutilated with a box cutter by a serial killer. He dumped her body in the desert and left her for dead.

And why is Mary Cooley so devastated when she knew her brother-in-law was very inebriated? (First of all, why get into a close quarters car with any drunk?) Yes, it’s disgusting what he did…if he did it. Yes, it’s aggressive. Yes, it’s ungentlemanly. But it’s no justification to take him to court over it.

Thomas Cooley, her husband, seems to be a participant in ganging up on the General and placing all the blame on the General instead of placing equal blame on his adulterous wife. That seems gutless and vindictive. Maybe he’s even jealous at how far the General had advanced in his career. Is he in cahoots with his wife to bring down the General?


The alleged incident happened almost 4 years ago during a family cookout. Mary Cooley supposedly needed some things from another family member’s home so she drove her car with Bill in it to that home. What things? Whose home? Were the needed items so heavy that she needed to bring someone with her to retrieve it? Was it a 500-lb. side of beef? A 1,200-lb. concert grand piano perhaps?

And she testified that the General was very drunk. Why have a drunk person in your car? After all, they might throw up or wee-wee. And with their balance impairment I sure wouldn’t trust a drunk to carry anything for me.

But in light of the fact that Mary Cooley supposedly had sexual relations with her brother-in-law in the past, could it be she wanted a quickie? Did he indicate he wanted to break it off with her at which she became enraged? After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The prosecution paints him as a womanizer. If so, womanizers get bored easily and like fresh meat.


Prosecutors said Bill Cooley apologized in a note to his sister-in-law and brother, as well as expressed remorse in emails to himself that he later deleted. I’m a lifelong non-drinker but I’ve seen countless instances of drunk people doing things they would never do sober and that they sometimes don’t even remember having done.

Is she trying to deflect blame from her adultery entirely onto him? That’s a tactic some wayward wives use to keep a husband (a.k.a. meal ticket) from dumping them. Does she fantasize that she could become quite wealthy by soaking General Cooley for financial amends?

Either she doesn’t have money–which is hard to believe when her husband has a high-paying job–or is too cheap to utilize it for this legal case.  Don Christensen, a retired Air Force colonel who is president of the advocacy group, Protect Our Defenders, hooked her up with a pro bono attorney,

I would remind virtue-signaling Christensen that his organization is for the purpose of aiding service members, male or female, who have suffered REAL sexual trauma in the form of rape or other sexual harassment at the hands of other military members. This sister-in-law chick is a civilian.

Is Christensen delighting in bagging a General? A lot of colonels who never made it to brigadier are bitter about it.


Let’s put things into proper perspective here. Let’s look at Bill Cooley’s value to humanity versus Mary Cooley’s.

As the head of the Air Force Research Laboratory he commanded 6,000 employees and a $4.8 billion budget. He managed $2.5 billion for Air Force-led science and technology and $2.3 billion for civilian research.

Is Mary Cooley totally financially supported by her husband? There’s nothing wrong with the latter. Regardless, I wonder what has she ever contributed to society?

The Air Force was Bill Cooley’s love and livelihood. He joined ROTC in college. After a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering he earned a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics. During his illustrious career he was awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Legion of Merit, a Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, and the Air Force Achievement Medal.

Since his sister-in-law’s charges, Bill Cooley has been relieved of his command of the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.  He faces 21 years in prison: 7 for each alleged harassment.

The Punishment Far Outweighs the Severity of any Alleged Crime

Even though the judge, Colonel Christina Jimenez, dismissed all charges except the allegedly forcible kiss, seven years in prison is obscenely disproportionate for a trivial stolen, drunken kiss in a solitary episode.


In addition the military could take away the retirement General Cooley earned from his entire life’s work, along with all medical and other benefits. He is also in danger of having his name put forever into the national sex offender’s database!

Does this punishment seem in balance to you? For a mere drunken stolen kiss?

Does this potential punishment seem fair when the criminal who picked up a 16-year-old hitchhiker in California, raped her, hacked off both her arms at the shoulder, then threw her body out of his van, only got SIX years in prison?!

The Cooley court martial is analogous to attacking a fly with a 50mm Howitzer instead of a swatter. Shame on the military for  mounting a court martial. And shame on Mary T. Cooley for bringing her dirty laundry to the military.

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