In Germany: The Dying Must be Vaccinated

As if there weren’t enough lunacy around Wuflu, check out how Germany handles this scam.

In a article published last year, those choosing legal euthanasia must be vaccinated against Wuflu.

For those who aren’t aware, Germany permits legal euthanasia for those suffering from serious or terminal illnesses. However, they must meet specific qualifications. Unbelievably, the suicidal who want permission to die by way of euthanasia must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The German Euthanasia Association (GEA) announced in November 2021 that they would only assist patients who have received the vaccination or recovered from the illness. So no dying unless you pay Big Pharma.

Ironically, if you are vaccinated, you’re three times more likely to die of the WuFlu. So, one might argue that the vaccination itself could lead to natural euthanasian.

Yes, the world really is that stupid. Correction: the LEFTIST world. It’s just like sterilizing the needles used in lethal injections.

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To recap.

In Germany, if you aren’t vaccinated against the “deadly” Wuflu, then you can’t commit legal suicide.

    • Irony one: If you are suicidal and die of Wuflu, shame on you for not allowing the system to cash in on your death. After all, Big Pharma and the government reserve the right to kill you.
    • Irony two: Germany prohibits legal suicide, unless you are vaccinated. Thus, you are relegated to commit ILLEGAL suicide.
    • Irony three: the deadly Wuflu actually didn’t kill you. DAMNIT MAN!

The GEA demanded that suffering patients follow Germany’s 2G rule that permitted them to deny access to the unvaccinated (geimpft) or those who have recovered (genesen). And this demand is supposedly for the protection of those who will assist the soon-to-be dearly departed. “Human closeness” is determined to be a “breeding ground for coronavirus transmission.” How does one socially-distance from the dying?

The GEA declared,

“[T]he 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms.”

So, as a family participates in a prepared and legally assisted death, the GEA believes they will be concerned about catching a disease that (1) didn’t kill the patient, and (2) has a 0.01 percent chance of killing others.

It is up to those of us with “royal blood” to continue to preach sanity in the face of this scam. Consider this notion. Germany’s constitution protects the right to choose how to die; however, you may not choose how to live. How’s that for irony?


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