Leftist Legend Gets WAKE-UP Call on His New Show

I love watching Leftists find out how insignificant they are, when they leave their cushy cocoons of ignorance.

For example, Rachel Maddow left MSNBC on hiatus. The organization hardly noticed her departure. And there are many examples.

Chelsea Handler abandoned her show to help the Leftist cause, and you hardly hear her name anymore. Kathy Griffin is another. Do the research on these Leftists who get 15-seconds of “anti-Trump” or anti-Conservative fame, and you will find a road littered with their carcasses.

All of these people get a false sense of security. When they are on top, spewing the Leftist screed, they are successful. But the minute they step out of the limelight, they realize they are not superhumans. Mere mortals.

Such is the case of Jon Stewart.

Successful talk-show host, Stewart retired and turned the reigns of his show to no-talent hack Trevor Noah. But Stewart couldn’t stay away, so he’s back at it with another show. However, as The New York Post reports, things aren’t going too well.

“The Problem with Jon Stewart,” which launched on AppleTV+ in September, appears to be a flop, as it trails far behind its competitors on broadcast and cable TV, according to Bloomberg.

The show’s first episode was seen by just 180,000 US homes in the first week it debuted last fall, measurement firm Samba TV said. That number dropped to 78% to 40,000 by its fifth episode, which aired in early March.

Stewart’s comic rival John Oliver, meanwhile, pulled in viewership of 844,000 US homes for a March episode of his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” Samba TV reported.

Stewart refused to comment on the bad news but he did hint at the troubles his show was having in during a recent monologue:

“Thank you for watching but my guess is you didn’t,” he said at the end of the premiere episode of his show. “You’re probably just going to look at aggregated clips of it somewhere, on YouTube, where you pirate ‘Ted Lasso.’ You don’t even know how to get Apple TV, do you?”

Mic tap. Is this thing on?



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