MI Gov Whitmer’s Fake News Death Plot

I know Leftists. And I believe the kidnapping plot against Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is as believable as Jussie Smollett’s “Trump rednecks” attack.

At the time of the supposed kidnapping, Whitmer was under fire for locking down the state. Toeing the party line, Whitmer followed Biden’s and Fauci’s lead and play into the Wuflu scam. Michigan citizens wanted Whitmer gone. But not enough to kidnap her.

My bet is Whitmer went straight to the Leftist Playbook. Chapter Three: Become the Victim.

So we got weeks, then months of fake news narratives regarding this nonsense. The media pretended that “Trump supporters” wanted to kidnap and ultimately dispatch of Whitmer. Typical Leftist tome: people who support Trump are bad people. You know; the type of people who target black gay men from the TV show Empire.

And in what is shaping up like the Jussie Smollett farce, a jury acquitted two men accused by the FBI of conspiring to kidnap the Michigan governor. As for the other two men involved in the farce alleged plot, no verdict could be reached.

Whitmer’s office had a few things to say about the verdicts.

According to PBS:

Whitmer, a Democrat, has blamed former President Donald Trump for stoking anger over COVID-19 restrictions and refusing to condemn right-wing extremists. On Friday, her office said people across the country are experiencing “a normalization” of violence. A Democratic state lawmaker said the threats posed won’t be taken seriously “until someone dies.”.

“The plot to kidnap and kill a governor may seem like an anomaly. But we must be honest about what it really is: the result of violent, divisive rhetoric that is all too common across our country,” Whitmer’s chief of staff, JoAnne Huls, said in a statement. “There must be accountability and consequences for those who commit heinous crimes. Without accountability, extremists will be emboldened.”

Oddly enough, Whitmer hasn’t made any public comments herself.

Nor did she attend any of the court proceedings.

I’m willing to bet that was an effort to avoid seeing her face in the headlines. Again. Like the time she refused to say whose private jet she was on. Or when she was impeached. Clearly, Whitmer didn’t want the public to evaluate her reactions to evidence proving the FBI lured these men into this plot.

Defense attorneys argued that the men were entrapped by the FBI — pulled into an alleged plot they would never have participated in if not for the government and its informants luring them. They painted the men as wannabes who were frequently high and easily influenced, or in one case, a former member of the military who wanted to brush up on firearms training.

Before returning their verdicts, the jury said that after nearly five days of deliberations they could not agree unanimously on all 10 of the charges against the men.

Harris, 24, and Caserta, 33, were found not guilty of conspiracy. Harris also was acquitted of charges related to explosives and a gun.

The jury could not reach verdicts for Fox, 38, and Croft, 46, which means the government can put them on trial again.

The Smart Move

While I can’t say for sure whether or not Fox and Croft will be re-tried, I can say the smart move is for the government to drop it, and quietly step away.

Continuing to pursue charges only makes the prosecution look weak and desperate. And it keeps FBI corruption in the news cycle. Because even the fake news is forced to acknowledge this nonsense on some level. As a result, the public common sense and conservative public will continue to call for reform, and their cries will grow louder by the day.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican, tweeted after the verdict that the “FBI and DOJ need a complete and total cleansing. … All the rot must be removed and these agencies must be restored.”

I suggest we do the same with the House, the Senate, and the judicial system as well. Because leftism is a vile mental disorder destroying far more Americans than covid ever hoped to touch.



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