Obama Visits White House, Leaves Biden Wandering Aimlessly

Not the win the president was hoping for.

President Biden is in desperate need of some good PR. So, he invited Obama to the White House to brag about ObamaCare.

Obama hasn’t stepped foot in the White House since his departure in 2017. But he still thinks he can make healthcare “affordable.” Apparently, this ‘dynamic duo’ missed the memo. ObamaCare is a disaster. But that’s a story for another day. Because Biden’s showing is embarrassment enough to last the rest of his term in the Oval Office.

There is a video circulating social media that shows Biden at his finest. I’m surprised the Big Tech censors haven’t tried to destroy the video, yet. Maybe Obama’s presence is enough to keep the censors at bay. I’m not sure how long that will last. But I do know this. Biden’s dementia is getting worse. It’s time to pull him out of office. If you need proof, just look at the many pictures and videos that show the crowd’s reaction to both Biden and Obama.

One might think people would line-up to receive a miracle from Baby Black Jesus. But there were no swarming masses. And Joe Biden was just some loner on the outside, never quite able to join the gathering. He was probably in need of a diaper change, but Jill was nowhere to be found.

Another Presidential Gaffe

For quite some time, we documented every gaffe Biden created. From stutters and confusion to ice cream and a long list of foot-in-mouth comments, it seems Biden is a never-ending stream of blunders. But this one is just down right sad.

Fox News elaborates:

A particular video from the evening, which is being widely shared online, shows a somewhat embarrassed Biden seemingly wandering around the room alone while Obama is crowded with people eager to speak with him.

“Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden,” the Republican National Committee said on Twitter, sharing a 13-second clip from the event.

“This is so sad,” the RNC added, with another 25-second video similarly showing people walking up to speak with Obama and shake his hands while skipping Biden.
During the event, immediately before the RNC video, Biden is in the group with Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others before he leaves and appears to be searching for someone in the room.
After a brief moment, Biden then stops, turns back to gauge how busy Obama is, and then turns and gestures to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to join him on the stage. She does, and the two then walk back to Obama, who appears to say he will walk over to them later. Biden and Haaland return to her seats and greet other guests.

Shortly after the video began making its rounds online, the former president praised Biden in a tweet.

“Always great catching up with @POTUS. Thanks for all you’re doing to help even more Americans get access to quality, affordable health care,” Obama tweeted.

The event was undoubtedly scheduled with the former president to be a much-needed win for Biden, who faces scrutiny for record-high inflation, soaring gas prices, and blame for not doing more to end the war in Ukraine that has lasted over 40 days.

Obama’s Unwavering Loyalty

It’s downright hilarious that Obama would tweet kudos to Biden. Especially considering Obama didn’t want Biden to run for president. Remember, Obama told his former VP “you don’t have to do this.” After which, Obama held out hope for an alternative to Joe Biden until the very last minute. He didn’t endorse old Joe until there wasn’t anyone else in the running.

That’s not exactly a glowing recommendation. And considering Obama’s obsession with his legacy, I’m surprised he even showed his face next to his former right hand man. We all know the bromance is long-over. But hey, according to Twitter, Joe’s doing a great job and healthcare is the proof. But let’s not forget Obama’s parting words of wisdom. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.”


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