Pfizer Woes Beginning: Poland Cancels ALL Vaccine Orders

By now, the world knows that Wuflu is a ruse. From the number of people who were infected (far more), to the number of people who actually died from Wuflu (far less), Leftists lied.

But what’s worse is their blatant lies to sell vaccines we didn’t need. Treatments existed for this Chinese-manufactured bioweapon. And these treatments were inexpensive and far less deadly.

Still, the World Health Organization complicit with countries’ health institutes invoked emergency measures that curtailed common sense. And the pharmaceutical companies flexed their muscles, and made out like bandits.

Billions of doses of these toxins touted as medicines were administered. And the impact has been devastating. The system that tracks these adverse reactions to the vaccines reports over 25,000 deaths and millions of adverse reactions. Sadly, this system accounts for only a fraction of the real number. But you can bet the Leftists won’t reveal those real numbers ever. Especially considering how hard big pharma worked to hide their secrets.

So Poland’s decision to unilaterally pull out of its contractual commitment to buy the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine should surprise no one.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced this decision Tuesday, citing oversupply and financial strains caused by refugees. Nice excuse to back out of a bad deal.

Speaking on all-news channel TVN24, Niedzielski said that the government in Warsaw had informed the European Commission and the vaccine suppliers late last week that it was invoking a force majeure clause in the procurement contract. Thus, Poland refused to pay for or take delivery of further doses.

Niedzielski further explained that the improving pandemic situation meant that there was less need for vaccines. Also, the Ukrainian refugee crisis, meanwhile, had stretched the public finances.

While the refugees offer a good excuse, Poland realizes the ruse and now reneges on The Great Reset.

What was Pfizer’s reaction?

Pfizer wanted its money. Billions are at stake. Billions in profits, that is.

According to Niedzielski, the government tried to reach a compromise. They asked for deliveries to be staggered over the course of 10 years.

Pfizer knew what that meant. Over that period of time, nobody would care about the vaccines. Or worse, in that people would know a lot more about the vaccines. So they wanted their money now, and not over 10 years.

Niedzielski commented, “we encountered a complete lack of flexibility on the part of the producers.” So Poland opted out.

Will other countries follow suit? I suspect so. The best indicator might be to watch Pfizer stock over the next few weeks.

Pfizer reportedly made $36 billion from COVID-19 vaccines in 2021. This year, the U.S. drugmaker expects to make $29 billion from Wuflu vaccines alone. Those projections were expected to rise as Pfizer signed more deals with countries to produce vaccines.

Overall, Pfizer hoped to produce four billion vaccines in 2022. And of those four billion doses, the company planned to cover its nefarious plans by allocating at least one billion vaccines for low and middle income countries. How philanthropic, right?

President of Pfizer Albert Bourla commented,

“The high-income countries, they have the tendency to be way more proactive, and they are placing their orders.”

“I want to make sure that I go on record publicly… they need to place orders, period.”

Poland’s cancellation puts a wrinkle in Pfizer’s plot. However, Pfizer won’t go down without a fight.

The company hopes the COVID-19 vaccine market extends beyond 2022, and they plan to obtain another agreement with the U.S. government.

“As long as the government thinks they should be going with mass vaccinations that they buy and distribute, we will support them,” Bourla added.

That’s one way to put it. And Americans can expect Pfizer to continue pushing the scamdemic as they expand beyond vaccines and into the antiviral drug market.

Pfizer has been developing an antiviral drug market to treat Wuflu. I’m not sure where they are in the approval phase. But watch the money, as it will predict the rhetoric and narrative.

Regardless, I think Poland’s move validates what I have said on my radio show and elsewhere for some time. Wuflu is dead.

Niedzielski admitted that the move had put the government in a legal conflict with Pfizer — which is the EU’s main supplier of coronavirus vaccines in partnership with Germany’s BioNTech. Talks with other companies will begin soon, the minister said, adding he hoped they will show more flexibility.

“Member states are bound by contractual obligations, but the Commission understands the difficult position Poland is in,” said Commission spokesman Stefan De Keersmaecker. He added that EU authorities would work to facilitate discussions and find a “pragmatic solution.”

BioNTech and Pfizer declined to comment, saying only that they had an agreement with the European Commission to supply its COVID-19 vaccine to EU member states.



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