Prediction: Hunter Biden’s Laptop EXPLOSION This Week

Kim Dotcom is described as an extraordinary hacker. And based on his past messages on Twitter, he targets liars and scumbags, aka Leftists.

According the latest tweets by KD, the Biden family is about to be exposed. And as soon as this week.

I work with the data forensics team that analyzes the Hunter Biden Laptop data.

Expect a major release soon. The data reveals numerous crimes. Hunter Biden will go to jail. Joe Biden will resign.

I have history with Joe:

Glad to help shutting him down.

Excuse me if I don’t seem surprised. Because I’m not.

I don’t need to be a forensic data analyst or even a hacker to know that the Biden family is loaded with crooks. Obviously, Joey Demento, aka “The Big Guy” positioned his crackhead son and his brother in positions to profit on behalf of the Biden family.

Nevertheless, it will be nice to have other people share my confidence.

What will we discover on the imminent releases hinted by KD? According to KD things will be so bad that two things will happen:

1) Hunter is going to jail.

2) It will be so bad, Joe will resign.

The tweet below suggests a few things that will be confirmed.

The Hunter Biden laptop data contains evidence of the worst kind of child abuse. One forensic analyst told me that he has to take frequent breaks because of how disgusting the evidence is. Did the spies and media that called this “Russian disinformation” assist a Pedophile?

Rumors of Hunter Biden’s escapades with underaged girls persist. Will these be verified? Kim Dotcom alludes to this revelation.

Recall that Kim Dotcom took credit for exposing Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance. And according to this tweet, he plans on playing a part in the downfall of the Bidens.

I was instrumental in ending the 2016 election hopes of @HillaryClinton with a courageous DNC whistleblower and Wikileaks. Now I’m helping to expose the crimes of the Biden family. To others who were involved in the unlawful and corrupt destruction of Megaupload, you’re next.

Megaupload was targeted by the FBI years ago and ultimately shut down. Kim Dotcom considers himself along the likes of Wikileaks, thus a seeker of journalistic truth. So I can imagine how he felt betrayed for doing the right thing.

In the tweet below, he chastises the media and others complicit in hiding the information about Hunter Biden and his now infamous laptops.

The Hunter Biden laptop data was provided to major media organizations months ago. Part of the plan is to name those who have received copies of the data and to expose them for not acting on it and/or covering it up. They are accomplices. They are aiding and abetting criminals.

Like Kim Dotcom, I don’t believe the Leftists can control the narrative about Hunter Biden any longer.

As I say on my radio show routinely, the narrative is out of the hands of the Left, and now firmly controlled by people who can and are manipulating the Bidens, including Joe Biden. No other explanation exists regarding Joe Biden’s demented policies towards Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela for starters?!

I know I speak for many Americans who have tired of the two-tiered system of justice. To see Hunter Biden go down and The Big Guy get what’s coming to him would bring me immense joy!



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