Russian News: Hillary Clinton Makes Foreign Policy Move

It's time the United States makes Putin pay.

When it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hillary Clinton was bound to rear her ugly head. I mean, she’s had it in for the Russians for some time now.

Think about it. The entire Russian narrative was hinged on a fake dossier Hillary Clinton funded. She hated Trump. She hated Putin. And she was certain she could get rid of two birds with one stone.

Of course, we know how it all turned out. But now, Hillary sees an opportunity for vindication. Thus, she’s offered up her best advice for President Biden, and it has a lot to do with destroying the Russian leader.

Fox News explains:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the job that President Biden has done in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while asserting that there is more that the U.S. should be doing to make a difference in the region.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Clinton said that the U.S. is “looking at this with our eyes wide open,” and seeing the threat that Russian President Vladimir Putin poses not just to Ukraine but to “Europe, to democracy, and to global stability.” Still, she claimed that the sanctions imposed and assistance given to Ukraine so far are not enough.

“We have to double down. There is more that can be done to increase pressure and stress: additional sanctions, more in the way of lethal aid, and now that there has been a pushback thanks to the brave Ukrainian military offensive action, there is time to resupply the Ukrainians so they can continue to defend their country,” Clinton said.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate added that she would not allow Russia to rejoin international organizations, and that the Kremlin should be boycotted if they try.

So far, the Biden administration has imposed a number of sanctions against Russia aimed at isolating and crippling its economy. Still, Clinton says they can do more.

“The only way that we’re going to end the bloodshed and terror that we’re seeing unleashed in Ukraine and protect Europe and democracy is to do everything we can to impose even greater costs on Putin. There are more banks that can be sanctioned and taken out of the so-called SWIFT relationship. There is an increasing call for doing more on gas and oil.”

Hold the Presses!

The woman who single-handedly brought us Benghazi now suddenly cares about bloodshed? Forgive me for a moment if I just don’t buy it. Because that would mean Hillary has a heart. And any woman who could shred a twelve-year-old on the stand to free a rapist, well that doesn’t sound like a heart to me.

In fact, nothing about Hillary screams “heart”. Have you ever seen a picture of Hillary and Bill and thought to yourself, “those two look so in love”? And while no fact-checker will admit it, Hillary’s death count is reminiscent of Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, Clinton pretends to be some kind of champion for women’s rights; a self-proclaimed “glass ceiling-buster.” Yet, her actions do the exact opposite. I mean the woman is married to a serial rapist. And she did her part to further victimize Bill’s prey. So there’s no believing in Hillary’s heart. It’s not the bloodshed she cares about. Clearly, Hillary knows one thing– another election is always in our future.

The Vote Hustle

The only way to become a four-time loser is to start making waves now. Because you can’t get votes if you’re not on the ballot. And what better way to get on the ballot than to bail Democrats out of the Big Cheat by offering Joe Biden a little help with foreign relations?

Obviously, he can’t navigate Presidential waters on his own. And Kamala Harris is no help. Plus, European allies are desperate to move away from using Russian oil. Unfortunately, we’re being ruled by a braindead moron who crookedly created our dependence on Russian oil. Imagine where we could be right now, had our Keystone Pipeline been finished? Perhaps we would be the perfect choice for a new supplier on foreign soil. But we’ll never know, considering our president DESTROYED our energy independence and our future energy plans.

If Hillary pokes at that weakness enough, maybe people will forget the Federal Election Commission just fined Clinton in the Russian plot against Trump.  There’s only one little problem with her plan. Even if people do forget her role in the fake dossier and Russian collusion, they still won’t vote for her. Because she’s an evil troll.

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