SURPRISE! John Durham Did Not Kill Himself.

It’s certainly taken long enough to prove what all Americans know. Clinton orchestrated what eventually turn into the coup against President Trump.

Of course, Clinton’s initial motives were to get her fat ass elected. Nevertheless, once Trump thwarted their first takedown, the game continued. More on this another time.

For now, understand that the entire Leftist machine feels threatened with Durham’s latest developments. And Hillary should be among the most frightened. However, she must think she still has friends in pretty high places, because John Durham hasn’t committed suicide. He didn’t shoot himself in the back of the head, die in a tragic plane crash, or perish in a burning building.

So far, John Durham is alive and well. And Hillary is still on the chopping block.

As The Washington Examiner reported,

Special counsel John Durham issued trial subpoenas for members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee as he pushed his theory of a “joint venture” in the case against Democratic cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann, who represented the Clinton campaign, and Rodney Joffe.

Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and the Perkins Coie law firm are fighting Durham’s efforts to compel the submission of withheld documents, arguing their claims of attorney-client privilege should keep the records concealed. However, Durham is continuing his legal pressure as he insists those groups played a coordinated role in pushing false Trump-Russia collusion claims.

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Team Clinton hoped to get off with just a “slap on the wrist” fine. However, this incident deserves much more. And much more we shall get.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats merely confessed to what they have done, then and now; admit that they target Trump and his satellites, then cheated him out of the election. Because that’s what happened.

That’s an admission Democrats will take to their graves.

The article continues,

Fusion “was not primarily providing or supporting expertise relating to legal advice; instead, it appears that the investigative firm’s primary, if not sole, function was to generate opposition research materials that the firm then shared widely,” Durham said this month.

“Meeting to agree on the express goal of a joint venture is precisely what happened here, on more than one occasion,” the special counsel said early Saturday morning.

As you consider all that has happened, understand how this compares to Watergate.

Decades after Watergate we still discuss it. And all Nixon did was listen in on Democrats. Team Clinton, in collusion with a sitting president’s administration, ORCHESTRATED an entire misinformation campaign. Further, they got support from the media, social media giants, and other nations.

Had this stopped pre-Trump election it still would have been amazingly criminal. But the fact that it continued for Trump entire presidency is treasonous and traitorous.

When Durham completes his report, Americans will learn that the coup against Trump began with Hillary Clinton. And Democrats and RINO Republicans completed the job with the help of a willing press and social media minions. Before it’s all said and done, you can bet a few suicides will randomly take place. By ‘randomly’, I mean somewhere in Clinton’s orbit.

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