Suspicious Activity: More Biden Records “LOST”

When do we start firing all the people who fail at their jobs in government? How do these people keep their jobs and in some cases get promoted?

I saw a meme of the people who the FBI profiled, and who later ended up killing people. It’s a substantial list. The Boston Massacre bombers for example are on this list.

On March 4, 2011, U.S. officials were alerted to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the future Boston Marathon bomber. The tip didn’t come from NSA collection of metadata, the tracing of cell phone calls, or the tracking of Internet activity: it came from Russia, which sent a notice to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow requesting the FBI look into Tsarnaev, who was living in America.

The FBI later said it did all it could to investigate and even interviewed Tsarnaev but found nothing suspicious. Six months later, in September 2011, Russia sent another alert about Tsarnaev, this time to the CIA. But like the FBI, the CIA also found nothing of con- cern. Off the official radar, Tsarnaev went on to murder three people and injure an estimated 264 in the April 15, 2013, bombing attack at the Boston Marathon. He was killed in a shootout with the police.

And what about the Orlando shooter?

As CBS News reported, the FBI interviewed this guy twice.

Two examples in a sea of examples. I want those people FIRED!

Our government is either incompetent or corrupt. And either way, the people who keep making “mistakes” need to be dismissed and jailed.

Yet again we have government incompetence or corruption.

The US Secret Service has dubiously claimed to The Post that it has “no records” of visitors to President Biden’s two Delaware residences and therefore cannot divulge that information in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Biden was at his residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach on about one-quarter of all days during his first year in office, but little is known about who stopped by for official meetings or less formal lobbying efforts — such as by members of his family and their associates.

The Post sought more than one year of visitor log records, including for Biden’s first year in office, but Secret Service Freedom of Information Act officer Kevin Tyrrell wrote in a response dated Monday that “[t]he Secret Service FOIA Office searched all Program Offices that were likely to contain potentially responsive records, and no records were located.”

Maybe they’re on Hillary Clinton’s server? That’s where I would look first.




  1. The FBI could not find the door in the closet. This is nothing new. It has been this way since it began and showed how impotent they were in the 30s gangster era when they hired Texas Rangers to track down the Most Wanted list and eliminate them. Move forward to today and you understand how they cannot root out terrorists or organized crime figures. Local law enforcement has a huge dislike for the Feeble Blind Inept organization.

  2. The ‘spike’ protein could have been attached to an existing flu vaccine, using CRISPR / Cas-9 tools…in a matter of weeks. Per published papers, the spike protein is about 1/3 the size of the largest protein fragment that has been successfully ‘placed’ using above, or similar, genetic engineering tools. Pharma has been trying to use mRNA for drug delivery for a long time; it never passed the safety protocols. Even with guide RNA ( gRNA) it’s hard to get a snippet of DNA to go exactly where you want.

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