The UGLY TRUTH About Truth Social

Trump's platform faces new challenges amid Musk takeover.

No matter how you look at it, Truth Social is on life support. But it’s not Elon Musk’s fault.

Like Trump’s decisions about employees, his handling of Truth Social proves equally mishandled. Frankly, I don’t think Musk would have bought Twitter if Truth Social had performed to a fraction of expectation.

I got approved a while back for Truth Social. It took weeks to get my profile approved, and I have no idea why. I got Secret Service clearance to see Trump in person faster than it took to get me approved.

This is insane. Who doesn’t let people on the site en masse? Trump doled out tickets like Truth Social was Disneyland Paris. I liken it to having a grand opening, and only allowing one shopper in your store per hour.

While I waited for approval, #433,823 in line, I was bombarded with “teaser” emails letting me know I was “close” to approval. If you clicked the email, you were asked to make a donation.

Finally, I got approved!

I remember clearly checking over dinner, as the subject of the botched rollout was a matter of discussion with friends. They shared in the celebratory moment with me and my wife.

A moment later, I got an email notification. I figured it was a “Welcome message” with some encouragement about enjoying my new found social media freedom. Instead, it was bot message from Trump who asked if I wanted him to be my friend…for a donation, of course. I’ll pass.

Once I logged in, things pissed me off further. Truth Social gives preferential treatment to social media influencers. The site stacked the deck for the haves vs. the have nots.

I was forced to pick at least two of 50 people handpicked by Truth Social to follow. Donald Trump, Jr., Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, and the like. These are people who need no leg up in social media. Yet that’s what they got.

Meanwhile, many of us who are TRUE influencers–the reason social media banned us in the first place–were treated like Sodomites.

I verified from others that the choices didn’t rotate–certainly a more fair way to get people connected.

No wonder Trump’s stock is sliding in Truth Social.

CNBC reported that Digital World Acquisition Corp’s shares fell to nearly 13 percent on Monday. This brings the company’s year-to-date losses to over 30 percent.

Truth Social, which officially launched in February was created by Trump after he was permanently banned from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for actions involving the Jan.6 insurrection at the Capitol, CNBC noted.

Truth Social offered Trump the keys to the kingdom. Imagine if he built anything close to Facebook or Twitter. Having hundreds of millions of people at his beckon call. The algorithms he could create would crush Democrats. I said on my radio show that if Trump did this right, he would become the richest man in the world.

Musk saw the opening.

In what people thought was impossible, Musk put his money where his mouth is. He bucked up and ended the Gestapo tactics of one social media site. And you can bet the board of Facebook took notice. Because Musk’s business plan will ultimately steal market share from Zuckerberg.

As for Trump, he will play coy for a while.

In an interview with Fox News published Monday, Trump said he has no plans to return to Twitter.

“I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll make improvements to it and he is a good man, but I am going to be staying on Truth,” Trump told the media outlet.

“[Twitter ] became very boring because conservatives were thrown off or got off the platform when I left,” Trump said. The bottom line is, no, I am not going back to Twitter.”

Boring no more, DJT.

As of this writing, Truth Social only has an iPhone app. Android is “coming soon”. Twitter is a fully functional site that had no idea how to monetize. Think Musk will allow this to happen for very long?

Twitter functions, and functions well. Without fear of retribution, Twitter can become a leading news outlet. My bet is Musk already realizes the potential to capture breaking news faster than any news outlet. What will he do with this information?

Never say never, Donald. Many people said this about EVs and flying cars.

I predict a grim future for Truth Social.


  1. Dear Sir,
    With all respect (and I mean that because I love reading your site), the BIG picture is that we want BOTH Truth Social and Rumble.

    What you did with the article about Truth Social was compare Twitter, which is well into maturity, with Truth Social, barely beyond the budding stage.

    Ideally we want both Truth Social/Rumbe and TWitter to present a strength not unlike the Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

    On top of that IMAGINE the impact of two social media who will NOT be imposing or kowtowing to WOKE. Imagine an advertiser who can have access to a huge consumer base who will NOT be chomping at the bit to litigate for violations against ‘woke’.

    Just imagine. The leftists will wail as advertisers, who can get huge consumers elsewhere, flee. Not only is that money lost, its prey for their intimidation lost.

    All the consumers at BOTH Truth Social and Twitter, a a new alliance, will be a bonanza for advertisers.

    Trump will certainly show up on Twitter by his Truth Social being quoted there, just like James Wood will show up on Truth social easily by his twitter being quoted.

    it is our responsibility to not take one and pit it against another.

    Take another look. Consider what I said and cut Truth Social a break, while encouraging them.

    And keep at this. You’re doing great.

    1. Agree 110%, very well thought out and very well presented. I’m a conservative DAV AND LEFT TWITTER YEARS AGO. Just signed up again last night. Been waiting for Truth Social and understand the frustration. Yes I’m an Android holder…

  2. Yeah I agree with the last post. We need un- woke Twitter and Truth Social. Truth Social just came out of beta. Twitter had the luxury of growing much slower. TS had 500K signup immediately and now I believe is around 2 million in a few months. I see a bright future for both and Rumble too.

    Love what you do, keep it up!

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  4. Yes Kevin I think you hit on the main problem with Truth Social. Trump forgot who was the main customer for Truth Social. It’s not big corporate types, but populist types. I thought Trump’s brand was calculated to be populist. I was confused about his email marketing in the 2020 election cycle, and I’m confused by the handling of Truth Social. Someone forgot who the customer is and what they are looking for, if anyone wants to know my opinion on it.

    On the other hand, the more options there are that are successful, that means more competition and better quality products for all of us. We can choose to participate in platforms that align best with our values. Social media is a very personal type of marketing because you’re using people’s real life friends and family and their actual daily lives as marketing tools. It’s human nature to want a platform that is in line with our values, not declaring war on us. Free speech and the Bill of Rights are among my most closely held values. Social media is supposed to cater to people by letting them express themselves the way they want, it’s not supposed to be for social engineering them to conform to someone else’s foreign-imposed values. At least that’s not how it was advertised when it started. People want to be treated like people and not just robots whose only proper function in life is to consume products. Social media was so exciting and fun and creative when it started, just like the internet when it started. Let’s take it back! After didn’t US taxpayer money at least partly fund the development of the Internet in the first place? Just like the radio and TV airwaves, we’ve all forgotten who really is supposed to own them, the way I see it.

  5. I have never signed up for Twitter and gave up on Rumble . Reason is simple and applies to thousands of other hearing impaired people. There is no closed captioning. What can we do with a caption-less video if we can’t hear ? Captioning is required by American Disabilities Act , with the exception of the internet. I wrote to rumble, VLC and many friends who send me video email attachments. Rumble never bothered to answer, many of the news letter publishers never answered, so all I can do is exercise the delete button anytime a video is offered. Sucks, but that’s life.
    Enjoy Kevin’s newsletter, but podcasts and caption less videos simply get the delete button.

  6. Your comments about Trumps handling of this and his people decisions reminds me why I think he failed miserably as President. He failed to realize that Drain the Swamp meant Drain the Whole Stinking Swamp. If he had done that, the DOJ would have been gutted at the top and supplanted with true conservatives, not RINOs. Imagine the difference in this country if he had done that on day one, or at all.

    He never took a business perspective of the Federal government and eliminated duplicate agencies and overreaching bureaucracy.

    Granted the economy did great but that was the easy part for him. He never looked at the pieces that continue to destroy us and it disappoints me to the day.

    Kudos for a great story and keep up the great work of getting the TRUTH out there.

  7. I absolutely hate Apple, and wont buy an I-phone just to get on Truth Social. I will be getting back on Twitter (or is it now Titter). It is payback time for all the harassment the commies put us through.

  8. Right now Truth Social is in its infancy but it is no more than a news site for people such as Bongino to post his infl. Not much different than Gettr but not as robust. If DJT will hire the right people, it could replace FaceBook and some others but it is not Twitter and should not be. It should be much more informative than a twitter. and perhaps not a Facebook or whatever it is called now. Facebook is really junk, similar to Tic Tok, and has very little value any longer. I got off of it years ago because it just made me angry form what people posted (that I agreed with) but could do nothing more than whine. I decided that it was not worth getting up in the morning and getting upset about things I could not change.

    Perhaps Truth Social will find a niche and exploit it but right now it is just another site with conservative views.

  9. While I’m not lauding the roll out of Truth Social as being even close to efficient, I will patiently give it time to prove itself. There are reasons he rolled it out the way he did, and being the #1 social app in Apple is one piece of evidence that this was actually well planned (even if not to our liking). For a startup social network to reach 1 million so quickly is actually phenomenal. Many startups go on for several years before approaching even 1 million.

    And I am quite shocked you do not realize that all those stupid bot emails were from the NRSC and others, and NOT from Trump. Trump has had a beef with GOP fundraisers in the past who use his name and activities for their fundraising. I think if he really knew what they were doing he would not have been happy. But NONE of those fundraising emails was from Truth Social, they were from NRSC and other entities capitalizing on Trump and TS. I just ignored all of them. In fact, even after getting my TS profile, I’m still getting the bot emails as if I am not on the platform yet. It’s all just a bunch of hooey. Don’t pay any attention to the RINOs that still run the RNC NRSC etc.

    1. I remember when Trump called out people using his name in RINO fundraising emails – and yes I still get all the fake emails! What I don’t understand is why he didn’t have his own email marketing program. Or maybe he did and it was just blocked by my email ISP or something. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet! Maybe a good topic for research some time.

      I hope Truth Social is a success. If I ever get on it, I’m looking forward to seeing how it is. All I get is status updates when they have an outage or something. And I have an iPhone! Well more competition helps keep everyone accountable. If people want viewpoint based discrimination in their tech products, then I think we should have a choice of which viewpoints. If platforms have an editorial viewpoint like just about all other media outlets, there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are honest about it and don’t claim Section 230 immunity and don’t engage in tortious business practices, like libeling competitor products as “racist”. I’m against the bait and switch and the deception.

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