Will White House Correspondents RIDICULE Biden?

Joe Biden is hanging on to his faux presidency like a hair on a biscuit. But it won’t help.

Biden has been targeted for political termination. Because Leftists determined not only can they not save him, they can’t control his feeble mind.

So now the heat is up.

Hunter Biden is under investigation. And despite what many believe, I think Hunter Biden is going down. Hard.

And what of this story about Joe Biden’s potential tax shenanigans? That’s only the beginning of his potential tax evasion issues. When the media starts covering stories like this, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Expect another soon.

I wrote of Biden’s attempt at damage control, as he courts youngsters by paying off college. Further, he’s trying a feeble attempt to attract union help by going after right-to-work states. In both cases, he will fail. But even if he did succeed, the effort mounts to too little too late.

From the looks of things, Biden appears to be trying to satisfy his handlers. Show them that he’s still got the ‘it’ he never had. But the old nag will soon be glue.

Destruction of the Democrat Party

To be fair, Biden isn’t the only president destroyed by a dinner party.

As Rolling Stone put it: “The dinner highlights the laughable disconnect between the people in Washington with the power to do something (the dinner attendees) and the rest of us mere mortals (people largely not watching the dinner at home on C-SPAN).”

The presidency of Barack Obama transformed the Democratic Party in ways many pundits already have explored ad nauseum, from a revolution in data analytics to Obama’s creation of an entire political infrastructure outside of the Democratic National Committee. Yet, the White House Correspondents Dinner, now that it’s back from its hiatus in the two years we acknowledged the ongoing pandemic as real, is also a reminder of perhaps Obama’s worst contribution to modern politics: the marriage between actual Hollywood and the “Hollywood for ugly people” known as Washington.

When the A-List came to Washington and started treating formerly anonymous staffers as personalities on their level, it was an Icarus moment that transformed the possibility of what government service could do for any one individual staffer, as opposed to what service should do for the country.

Celebrities being interested in Obama brought Hollywood to Washington in a way Washington had never seen previously, at least not without the barrier of a glass screen and the opening bars of The West Wing credits. It allowed political operatives who always saw the natural outgrowth of the their careers as cashing out on K Street to think differently about what politics could do for them as sentient, individual brands with Twitter accounts and proximity to celebrity instead of just power.

In other words, it’s a high school popularity contest all over again.

We know Biden doesn’t hold a candle to baby black Jesus, but he will wander aimlessly around the room trying.

In the Obama years, the White House Correspondents Dinner transformed and exploded, driven by an increased interest from culturally cool famous people in a president they considered to be cool, also. Celebrities flocked to Washington for the last weekend in April: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Judd, most of the cast of Saturday Night Live, top fashion designers, and any number of other people who thought for a brief moment that being attached to politics gave them capital in their own celebrity circles. (The stream of stars jet-setting to the Beltway for dinner festivities only slowed at the end of Obama’s second term because the D.C. set could not stop literally and shamelessly pawing at them.)

Social Media Christmas Sale Kevin Jackson
The Twitter Connection

Before the social media mega hub decided to censor conservatives and brainwash the masses, tapping it’s power was in the beginning stages.

[So] to truly understand what allowed one weekend of cocktail parties and brunches to change Washington, you also have to remember the dynamics of 2009: Twitter was exploding as a tool for individual staffers who once were largely anonymous to build their own voices and followings, a generation of young Democratic staffers drunk on Aaron Sorkin thought The West Wing could be real life and that they somehow could be Rob Lowe. With the energy and technocratic sleekness of the Obama machine, they saw themselves as glamorous characters on a TV show instead of cogs in a bureaucracy, and then the White House Correspondents Dinner came along, and they met their heroes.

If this seems cynical to you, consider that current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went on Rob Lowe’s podcast to tell the actor that bingeing the Emmy-winning political series, and his character specifically, was “inspiring” and “really brought me back to politics.” And then ask yourself who any of that is for.

Now what will the press say about Demented Joe?

The White House Correspondent’s Dinner will indicate when Biden will be politically executed. So watch how the host handles Biden. If he treats him with kid gloves, then Biden might make it to the midterms. But if the host goes after him, then Biden will be gone before midterms.

Kamala Harris won’t go unscathed either. I predict that she may wish she was hammered once they begin hammering her.

What we should be able to depend on is a steady barrage of “jokes” involving Biden’s administration. Of course the hacks will slam Trump, because that’s all their reptilian brain know to do. Particularly when there simply isn’t enough tongue-in-cheek humor for Biden.

Afghanistan withdrawal. Bidenflation. Reverting back to fossil fuels. Starving the planet. Giving Putin permission to invade Ukraine. Hunter Biden. Kamala Harris. JOE BIDEN!

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