Amber Heard DESTROYING the #MeToo Movement

I hate injustice of any kind, even if it doesn’t impact me in the slightest. The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial, which took place in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, is one such example.

Today, May 31st, the verdict is expected. Thus, I am deeply impassioned to comment on it here. I have already spit sparks on Twitter, going on the warpath as @CWagnerUSA and not being shy about communicating to @RealAmberHeard exactly who I think she is: #StarF_cker (as we in Hollywood call exploitative leg-spreaders), #Grifter, #Con Artist, #DomesticAbuser, #Liar, and #Criminal.


Women of her ilk dishonor and stain the credibility of women who have really been physically or psychologically abused by husbands or domestic partners, some of whom have even been killed by their abusers.

As a tool in her bag of tricks to financially soak Johnny Depp, Heard polluted, hijacked, and capitalized ex post facto on the #MeToo movement against rapist motion picture producer Harvey Weinstein. Amber Heard is as guilty as those dishonest women (versus true victims of Weinstein, who fled and even abandoned their acting careers, after a sole forced sexual incident) who participated in the Weinstein trial for personal gain.

These faux victims testified that they were raped by Weinstein. Yet they subsequently went back to his hotel room on several more occasions, claiming they were raped yet again!

Would it be redundant of me to term them sluts? Need I mention that their movie careers profited from said encounters?

Harvey Weinstein deserved what he got. But the injustice is that Heard’s false accusations against Johnny Depp will embolden and empower malevolent women to lie about innocent men in court and ruin their lives.


Actress Amber Heard vilified Johnny Depp during their brief marriage and after their divorce, causing him to lose many millions of dollars because the allegations of spousal violence caused him to be dropped from contractual roles. Heard vituperatively spewed lies about ongoing physical abuse to both the British and American tabloids.

Johnny Depp filed the defamation suit when Heard exacerbated those slanders and libels with the December 2018 Op-Ed she wrote in the Washington Post bellyaching that she was a victim of domestic abuse. To the contrary as you will see.

The 36-year-old high school dropout, beauty pageant participant, minor actress, self-described “human rights activist”, admitted cocaine-sniffer and atheist, started dating Johnny Depp in 2011. She married him in 2015. The marriage lasted 23 months.

Heard’s first major role in a film occurred in 2018 in “Aquaman”, a role she angrily denies that Johnny got her. Petition site,, amassed over 3.5 million signatures to have her removed from the movie.


Already in 2016, just one year into the marriage and seeking to cement her financial security for the rest of her life, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp.

In my opinion, Amber Heard is gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful females I have ever seen. That’s a very beneficial tool of the trade for a con artist seeking to fleece men. But she’s evil.

And stupid. She lied on the stand in the defamation trial that Johnny had pushed his then-girlfriend, British supermodel, Kate Moss, down the stairs during their 1994-1998 relationship. However, Moss unequivocally denied it on the witness stand. (I suggest that any attorney representing Amber Heard in the future protect himself or herself by subjecting Heard to a polygraph test.)

Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp’s fiancée from 1990 to 1993, testified that he is a kind and gentle man. French singer, model, and actress, Vanessa Paradis, who was Johnny’s partner for 14 years from 1998 to 2012, and is the mother of his two children, likewise testified to his non-violent, kind nature.

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Amber Heard cut off part of Johnny Depp’s index finger with a vodka bottle during one of her rampages.

On hands and knees Johnny searched on the kitchen floor for the severed part so a surgeon could reattach it. She never even called an ambulance.

Johnny Depp is a genius of an actor as well as a painter and musician who plays guitar in a band with rockstars Alice Cooper of the eponymous iconic band and Joe Perry, co-founder and lead guitarist of Aerosmith. Cutting off part of Johnny’s finger could have ended two of those careers.

Amber Heard was also violent towards her lesbian live-in lover, Tasya Van Ree, during their 2008-2012 relationship. Heard is such an out of control abuser that she publicly assaulted the woman in 2009 at SeaTac airport in Washington for which she was arrested.


Johnny and the abuser began a relationship in 2012. They married in February of 2015, separated in May of 2016, and divorced on January 13th, 2017. She initiated divorce proceedings a mere one year into their marriage.

She demanded $7 million plus $50,000.00 per month for life in addition to 3 houses, a horse and several other things. One can justifiably ask why? She didn’t clean the house, wash the dishes, bear him children or help take care of his. Nor did she contribute to the administration of his household staff or businesses. She did not function as his helpmate in any way as normal, average women do, or should, in a marriage. It was a one-sided relationship with this dysfunctional “wife” reaping all the benefits. Prostitutes should be respected over Amber Heard. Hookers work hard for their money and often under dangerous conditions.

Cheaters SHOULDN’T Win

On top of her spending orgies, Amber Heard is reputed to have committed adultery with actors Eddie Redmayne and James Franco. But even if she had been a loyal and loving wife, $7 million plus lifelong cash cow benefits for a 23-month-long marriage is laughably undeserved. But Hollywood, attorneys and judges included, is often out of touch with reality. And in full knowledge of the divorce court judge, the divorce decree was one day before the hearing on Amber Heard’s petition for a restraining order based on her phony allegations of violence by Johnny Depp. It’s hard to imagine that didn’t prejudice the judge.

Mind you, a gold digger must strike then discard her mark as soon as possible in order to fatten her bank account by capturing as many subsequent victims as possible. Youth and good looks don’t last forever.

Audio testimony recorded by Amber Heard herself reveals the lie to her accusations. She intended to goad him into retaliating against her physical assaults, profane screeching, and vicious insults. But he never retaliated. Her surreptitious recordings reveal a criminal woman and a kind man who sought only to remove himself from the abuse by leaving the room or the house. And she viciously mocked and emasculated him for walking away, calling him a “pussy” and other humiliations. Eyewitness testimonies bear out Johnny Depp’s non-retaliation as well.


Amber Heard was repeatedly asked on the witness stand if she had given the entirety of the $7 million dollars awarded her in the divorce to charity as she had professed she would and then claimed she had. Half was to have gone to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), half to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. She repeatedly prevaricated in an annoyed manner that she had “pledged” the entirety of the $7 million. “Pledged” is not the same as “donated”. Four years post-divorce she has given nothing.

Moreover in the divorce she prevented Johnny from donating that sum directly to charity. She wanted it in her hands.


Dr. David R. Spiegel is the psychiatrist who testified in behalf of Amber Heard as a so-called “expert witness”. He pontificated that Johnny Depp “has behaviors that are consistent with someone that both has substance-use disorder as well as behaviors of someone who is a perpetrator of intimate-partner violence”.

He never examined or even met Johnny Depp. The buffoon based his cockamamie diagnosis on a couple of movies and interviews he saw. Hello-o-o! Basing a diagnosis on acting performances is as valid as diagnosing someone based on a crystal ball, tarot cards, or tea leaves!

The ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) should revoke Spiegel’s license to practice the specialty of psychiatry. Permanently.

And the Virginia Board of Medicine should permanently revoke his license to practice medicine. During his testimony Spiegel exhibited Tardive Dyskinesia: bizarre lip smacking and facial contortions. These are signs of mental illness or drug abuse or taking anti-psychotic prescriptions longterm. The man needs a psych. eval. He has no business treating patients. He is in need of psychiatric treatment himself and possibly also of substance abuse rehabilitation.

Due Diligence

A dead giveaway that an inferior caliber of expert witness was chosen can very well be the enormous distance Spiegel is from the Fairfax, Virginia court venue. He practices (malpractices?) in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is, depending upon the route one drives, a 6- to 8-hour roundtrip from court. There are over 88 psychiatrists in Fairfax County, just minutes from the courthouse. In addition there are several hundred more in the District of Columbia and the surrounding suburbs of Maryland which are within easy commuting distance.

So why pick someone so far away? Could it be that no ethical local psychiatrist would be willing to lie for Amber Heard?

@ABPNcert and the Virginia Department of Health @VDHgov should be bombarded on Twitter with calls for this boob’s investigation and permanent revocation of his license. Moreover, Johnny Depp should sue David R. Spiegel for both malpractice and defamation!


Johnny Depp humbly testified that he has never laid a violent hand on a woman in his life. As all truthful partners in his life have attested, he is kind, loving, gentle, generous and a devoted father.

His chief of security, Sean Bett, has been in his employ for 15 years. His housekeeper has worked for Johnny for over 30 years.

In the opportunistic, loyalty-deficient world of Hollywood, that says it all.



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