Buffalo Shooter: A Leftist who Hates Fox News

Democrats own this latest racist radical. And if you know history, then you know that Democrats are the real racists.

As we’ve learned about Leftists, when they are faking their own “hate crimes”, they are committing real crimes. Such was the case in Buffalo NY.

To help you get inside the head of Payton Gendron, understand that this kid is from a rural town in New York state. And he suddenly got the urge to drive 200 miles past lots of Negroes to go massacre 10 black people in Buffalo?

Here’s what people who knew him had to say this about him.

Residents of rural Conklin, New York were stunned Saturday by the news the gunman accused in the Buffalo supermarket attack was a teenager who lived in their town.

Payton Gendron, 18, allegedly drove his parents’ car over 200 miles from Conklin to Buffalo Saturday to massacre 10 people in a racially motivated mass shooting he live streamed on Twitch.

Conklin is a sleepy community of about 5,000 people. It sits on the Susquehanna River just north of the Pennsylvania border in Broome County and 10 miles south of Binghamton. The population is 95.7 percent white, according to Census estimates.

“It’s disturbing — this kid went to the same school system as I did … how can someone that had a similar upbringing do this?” said Alexis Sorbello, who was bartending at Jumbo’s the only bar in town open late Saturday.

So is the notion that the city is 96 percent white supposed to influence this story? I don’t suspect that Binghamton is a hotbed for white Aryan neo-Nazi Democrat activity. But the mainstream media rarely tells the real truth in these situations.

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But was this kid a Manchurian candidate?

I can’t say for sure. Yet according to the tweet below, the shooter may not have been the Jussie-Smollett-attacking-Trump-lover that the media already portrays of him.


If this statement is true, then yet again the fake news media attempts to set the narrative.

Anybody who studies history would not be surprised to learn that Democrats schooled Payton Gendron in hate. Their MO is completely predictable and always detrimental to the greater good.



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