Dave Chappelle ATTACKED on Stage

File this story under “And Leftists call Conservatives Volatile?”

Hmmm, let’s see.

Chris Rock; attacked by Hollyweird Leftist Will Smith. Congressman Scaliese; attacked by armed assailant. Jussie Smollett; attacked by…himself.

Well now we can add the name Dave Chappelle to the litany of stories of “When Leftists Attack”. As reported by CBS:

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage Tuesday night as he performed at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl arena, with videos from audience members’ cellphones quickly flooding social media and showing a man appear to run onto the stage and tackle the comic.

Chappelle, whose unapologetic humor has made him a lightning rod for criticism, appeared unscathed by the sudden interruption and later joked (Note: Linked video contains harsh language including profanity) with fellow comedian and actor Jamie Foxx onstage that he’d taken revenge on his attacker.

Here is a short video of the attack:

I have to hand it to Dave for making a smooth move to avoid getting taken down.

Understand that the real “moral of the story” of this attack will go unnoticed by the braindead, clearly violent Left. And that moral is…clearly stated in the previous sentence.

Dave Chappelle is a comedic icon. The man represents everything Leftism claims to exalt. Youngish, black man ascends to the top of his craft. He makes jokes for a living.

And because one special interest group, mind you ONE LETTER of the “alphabet people” has a problem with his comedy act, that group attempts to cancel him.

The 2nd comedian in less than 2 weeks attacked on stage.

What are Leftists thinking?!

Not a big topic, when considered in the microcosm. But in the macrocosm, consider this “workplace violence”.

People attacking the people who MAKE US LAUGH!

How safe are you at YOUR job?

No wonder Leftists keep their mouths shut over all subjects. In order to speak out, you must have balls the size of Alaska.

Since my balls are the size of Alaska, I speak out. I am currently sponsoring The Unapologetically American Comedy Tour. There you will find me, along with the comic joining me, tackling the big issues of the day; unapologetically.







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