Kamala Harris MOCKED AGAIN!

And you thought Joe Biden sucked as a VP! Take a look at the gift that keeps on giving…gaffes.

I don’t know of a less dynamic duo, unless you count idiotic statements. Joey Demento and Sista Girl seem to be competing for who is the most worthless piece of crap bureaucrat in the history of the Republic.

Kamala Harris competes with the man who coined the phrase, “Dog-face pony soldier” and introduced the world to Corn Pop, when it comes to “foot in mouth disease”.

Recall this recent jewel:

Below are a few of the comments that came from this thread:

First, we begin with a couple who used Harris’ own words to mock her.

“I acknowledge one must acknowledge she has no idea what she’s talking about”

“I acknowledge one must acknowledge that Kamala Harris is an absolute joke.”

“This idiot acknowledges that it knows nothing.”

In some of my favorites, the authors attack Harris’ stupidity

“Serious question. Has she said anything of any substance as VP? Like – ANYTHING?!?!”

“How is she so stupid? It’s a miracle of dumbness”

“One could get a better answer from a box of rocks, on pretty much any question asked of Kamala Harris.”

“Biden’s requirement for VP…empty headed female.”

In what could be an homage to Elizabeth Warren, one person commented on Harris’ other Indian heritage:

“I love the name our American Indians have given to her. “Cackles with Heels Up”

If this were the only faux pas by Harris, we might overlook it. But she channels Joe Biden more than the walking corpse that is Biden himself.

Now, she adds insult to injury with her take on the SCOTUS leak and the over-turning of Roe v. Wade. About the only thing her speech accomplished was another gaffe from our “top” officials.

According to Harris, it is a danger to women’s rights and ultimately freedom to stop abortion.

FNN adds:

In a viral clip of her statements, Harris asked defiantly, “How dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can do and not do with her own body? How dare they? How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future?”

“How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms?” she added.

Conservative Twitter users blasted Harris for her pro-abortion speech with many noting Harris’ use of the term “woman” after Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson couldn’t define the term and said, “I’m not a biologist.”

Washington Times columnist Tim Young mocked the vice president as a less authentic Greta Thunberg and drew comparisons to the young Swedish climate change activist’s infamous “How dare you!” speech.

“Greta Thunberg is better at pretending to be outraged than Kamala Harris,” he tweeted

“Wait… when did Kamala become a biologist?”

“Kamala Harris takes a page out of [Greta] Thunberg’s playbook in her reaction to Roe v. Wade being overturned,” tweeted GOP strategist Greg Price.

“I can’t believe Kamala pulled a Greta on her audience,” tweeted conservative author Kyle Becker.

“Harris isn’t a biologist,” conservative radio host Dana Loesch also noted.

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This next one might be my absolute favorite. Because everyone wants to coddle to the trans folks!

The Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh wrote, “Kamala Harris is a despicable transphobe. Stop invalidating the lived experiences of pregnant men.”

YouTuber and conservative Viva Frei provided a sarcastic critique of the vice president’s speech. “Kamala Harris, in a wanton act of bigotry and misogyny, callously presupposes the gender – and definition – of ‘woman’. Or worse, she deliberately denies the existence of non-woman birthing persons. She’s cancelled, right? Them’s the rules?”

Similarly, Daisy Cousens, contributor at Sky News Australia, tweeted, “Outrageous. Leftists must IMMEDIATELY cancel Kamala Harris for this blatant transphobia. ‘Women’? ‘She’? ‘Her’? Doesn’t she know people of any gender can get pregnant? That’s what leftists have been telling us for the past few years while trashing anyone who disagrees…right?”

Breitbart senior-editor-at large Joel Pollak slammed Harris’ “How dare they?” question when many baby girls are killed in abortions. “Half the babies are future women, who might ask the same question of @VP.”

Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller commented on the video, tweeting, “Does she think we are debating contraception? This issue in Roe is, very simply, about whether it is permissible for states to regulate or restrict the circumstances in which you can end the life of a baby.”

Yes, how dare us give a shit about the tiny little babies! Goodness, what if Kamala’s mother thought along the same lines?

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