Russia: With Enemies like Biden Who Needs Friends?

Russian oil profits SOAR under Biden.

Would it surprise you to learn that another Biden policy failed?

So much for Biden’s sanctions on Russia. Because Putin is feasting. Leftists actually claim the president isn’t responsible, or even a factor in the rising gas prices. Of course, he destroyed our energy independence and started buying Russian oil, billions of barrels a month! But leftists can’t make the connection. And the Big Guy isn’t the only scammer involved.

Remind me, didn’t Hunter Biden get a $3.5 million payment from the wife of a Russian oligarch? Not exactly a common everyday transaction most Americans make.

According to ZeroHedge:

A few weeks after we learned that Russia’s current account just hit an all time high thanks due to soaring commodity exports (just as the US trade deficit blew out to a record high on its own)…

… we learned that contrary to the intentions of European countries, a calculation by a German think tank found that Russia’s oil and gas revenues hit a record high in April, rising to 1.8 trillion rubles in a single month, after 1.2 trillion in March, leading to the following stunning statistics “After only 4 months, Russia’s federal budget has now already received 50% of the planned oil and gas revenue for 2022 (9.5 trillion).”

Today, Bloomberg confirmed this stunning statistic and, citing the latest IEA report, writes that Russia’s oil revenues are up 50% this year “even as trade restrictions following the invasion of Ukraine spurred many refiners to shun its supplies.” Apparently the restrictions – which pushed the price of oil to the highest level in a decade and boosted revenue for oil exporters – is precisely what Putin was hoping for.

Moscow earned roughly $20 billion each month in 2022 from combined sales of crude and products amounting to about 8 million barrels a day, the Paris-based IEA said in its monthly market report.

Just curious, but what would the press report if the Russians oil revenues increased under Trump? Would they cry “Russian collusion”?



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