African Countries DESTROY Biden’s Hidden Agenda

I have no idea who is behind the Leftists’ attempt to cede the sovereignty of the U.S. to foreigners. But whoever they are needs their asses kicked.

Under the puppet Biden, the real people in charge of the United States keep trying to thwart our freedoms not only from within, but also from outside.

Clearly, Fauci wasn’t enough of a slap in the face of freedom, as that little troll shut down the country. Now Biden wants to give that power to a foreign entity. It failed.

While Democrats may control “African-Americans”, aka the stupid blacks in America who believe themselves to be “African”, they don’t control real Africans. And so the Africans saved the world from the New World Order.

As James Roguski noted, we won:

Spectacular news out of Geneva points to a complete and total victory for those who opposed the amendments to the International Health Regulations proposed by the Biden administration

Official delegates from wealthy developed nations like Australia, the UK, the European Union and the United States spoke in strong support of the amendments and urged other states to join them in signing away their countries’ sovereignty.

The first sign, however, that things might not be going the globalists’ way, came when Botswana stated that they would be collectively withholding their support for the ‘reforms’, which many African members were very concerned about.

Multiple other countries also said they had reservations over the changes and would not be supporting them either.

These included Brazil, Brunei, Namibia, Bangladesh, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and Iran. Brazil in particular said it would exit WHO altogether, rather than allow its population to be made subject to the new amendments.

Here here for these outliers who saw through this ruse. And as Roguski noted, In the end the WHO and its wealthy nation supporters were forced to back down.

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Below is a timeline of activities related to this effort.

    1. January 18, 2022- the Biden administration proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. They did their best to keep them hidden.
    2. March 31, 2022- I published THIS ARTICLE to shine a bright light on this issue. For the next two months thousands of people helped to spread the word all around the world.
    3. Friday May 20, 2022- a document filed in a United Kingdom court case revealed that the Working Group on Pandemic Response was “unable to reach consensus” regarding the amendments.
    4. Tuesday May 24, 2022- a new set of REPLACEMENT amendments was submitted to the 75th World Health Assembly in complete violation of Article 55 of the IHR which requires amendments to be submitted at least 4 months prior to the World Health Assembly.
    5. Friday May 27, 2022- the May 24 REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS were revised and published by the World Health Organization.
    6. Friday May 27, 2022- the REVISED REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS were adopted by the World Health Assembly (see video below).

The REVISED REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS actually strengthened each nation’s ability to express their “reservations” to any future amendments. As such, the Biden administration, the World Health Organization, and the forces seeking to enact a globalist agenda suffered a stunning defeat.

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