BREAKING: Biden Abandoning Ukraine

What happened to the fake news narrative, “Russia bad, Ukraine good”? I’ll tell you: Putin is kicking Biden’s old ass.

In case you aren’t keeping up or keeping score in the fake-news-deemed, “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, please allow me to update you. Russia is winning. Against Ukraine and Biden.

According to NBC news, Biden backed down in the propaganda war.

Joe Biden instructed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to tone down their rhetoric in support of Ukraine as it pertains to its war against Russia.

The pushback came after the Austin said the administration wanted Ukraine to win the war against the Kremlin. Further, Austin commented that the U.S. wanted a weakened Russia, weak enough to not launch another attack.

We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine,” Austin said after the Cabinet members visited Kyiv.

Next, SoS Blinken publicly aligned himself with Austin’s comments.

Not long after, Biden told the two officials in a conference call that he thought their remarks went too far. He then instructed them to tone down remarks.

Why the change?

Simple. Biden can’t piss off Putin. Perhaps Biden is compromised by the dealing of Hunter Biden. And/or perhaps Biden knows that he can’t defeat Biden.

One unidentified official told NBC that Biden was concerned that Austin’s words could set unrealistic goals. Worse, their comments might up the chance Washington could get pulled into a direct conflict with Moscow.

Not long ago, Biden alluded that we are already at war with Russia.

Still, one of the sources said,

“Biden was not happy when Blinken and Austin talked about winning in Ukraine. He was not happy with the rhetoric.”

Team Biden’s stance represents a far cry from when this situation began.

This “invasion” as the fake news media deemed it, began on Feb. 24. By mid-April Russia consolidated its forces in the country’s eastern Donbas region.

At this point, Ukraine’s president put his propaganda machine in full effect. He publicly begged the West for more weapons to beat back Russia’s military. He declared that he would not cede any Ukrainian territory to Russia.

Tough talk for the former comedian-turned-president. Apparently even Biden realizes that two clowns can’t defeat Putin.

U.S. officials are reportedly worried that Ukraine’s views are untenable, saying behind the scenes the comedian should shift his public position.

Experts, U.S. and European officials have voiced a belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attempt to claim the Donbas and declare it as Russian territory, with Zelensky then having to negotiate for peace to end the conflict.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, has maintained that it will not pressure Kyiv to end the war on any specific terms and is preparing for a long war.

“From the beginning, I’ve said and I’ve been — not everyone has agreed with me — nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. It’s their territory. I’m not going to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do,” Biden said on June 3. “But it appears to me that, at some point along the line, there’s going to have to be a negotiated settlement here. And what that entails, I don’t know.”

The Biden administration has also continued to send lethal aid to Ukraine, the most recent announced on Wednesday with a $1 billion military aid package.

An Alternative Plan

We recently totaled up the dollars Biden decided to send to Ukraine, and then we divided that money across some of America’s biggest issues.

After breaking down just how many schools, homeless people, fire departments, or other American causes could be helped with the amount of money we’re spending on their aid, it’s a disgusting dilemma. Remember, we recently sent over $40B. So this new billion is another drop in the bucket.

As TBS editor Tiffany Layne recently put it:

Isn’t it ironic that the president who keeps promising to “build back better” chooses to spend our money in a way that builds NOTHING?! Personally, I find it quite disturbing.

We won’t benefit from the war between Ukraine and Russia. And while I understand we have a certain obligation to be part of the global community, there is no rule that says we must shoulder all the costs. Or that we must make all the sacrifices. When did Ukraine donate to our homeless fund? Is Russia showing up at local fire department fundraisers to “fill the boot”? I don’t see either of them sponsoring Little League or buying up all the Girl Scout cookies in an effort to enhance the lives of American children. And I sure as hell didn’t see a ship come in, full of formula, to feed our babies.

So why do we continue to let this phony administration make the rules? It seems to me the tax payers should have a say in how these funds are allocated. Because from where I sit, we went from GREAT to CRAP. And it didn’t take long for Democrats to destroy any and all ground we gained. Clearly, the left’s priorities are all wrong. And that’s not changing any time soon.

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