Biden Won’t Finish His Term!

I’m already on record stating that Biden won’t be the Democrats’ nominee for 2024. And while we are a ways away from that, the polls certainly back up my early predictions.

But now I am doubling-down on my prediction and making a side bet: Biden won’t finish his first (illegal) term.

We’ve witnessed the decline of Biden since Democrats selected him as the beneficiary of the coup against Trump. During the election, Democrats used WuFlu to hide Biden from the public.

After the Big Cheat, Democrats sparingly showed Biden, holding their breath with each appearance. As I’ve said on my radio show, Biden is a well-paying bet to say or do something stupid with each appearance. The frequency of his insanity has reached dangerous levels for him, the Democrats, and this country.

Biden shook hands with nobody at one appearance. And when Obama joined him in the White House, Biden would have walked into the drapes had it not been for handlers.

It’s no wonder leaders of foreign lands don’t want to even bother with shaking Biden’s hand.

Most recently, in an appearance in Israel a handler tells Biden exactly where to stand or sit, as if the man was in the Westminster Dog Show. See for yourself.

For the second time, Biden attempts to shakes hands with the invisible man.

Rewatch the video in case you missed it. Biden actually puts his hand out.

When he catches his mistake–a rarity–he changes his hand position to a finger point. Still however, he must be guided to his seat. Like a 5-year-old appearing on Johnny Carson.

Seriously. Did nobody explain to Biden that once he accepted the “whatever”, he would then turn and take the farthest seat from the podium?

I’m sure they did explain this to him. But he forgot, as quickly as he was told. Even Biden himself wonders “where is the President,” and that says a lot about the man.


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