Biden’s Killer Executive Order

Day one of the Biden Administration, the goal was clear. Erase Trump. Thus, Biden wrote 15 executive orders in his first 24 hours. Well, he didn’t actually write them. The bumbling idiot signed them.

But Biden failed to consider one thing. Trump reshaped the Supreme Court. And that can’t be erased, no matter how hard Democrats try.

I’ve yet to figure out why leftists are so opposed to #winning! Worse yet, I can’t decide why they’re so against protecting human life.

To be fair, Roe v Wade wasn’t overturned on the principles of abortion. Instead, it was overturned because the justices decided abortion is a state’s right to govern. Thus, Joe Biden decided he needs to “protect” the extermination of the innocent.

Fox News reports:

The White House said Biden will speak Friday morning “on protecting access to reproductive health care services.” He is expected to outline actions to attempt to mitigate some potential penalties women seeking abortion may face after the ruling, but are limited in their ability to safeguard access to abortion nationwide.

Biden is expected to instruct the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to push back against any state efforts to limit a woman’s ability to go across state lines for a legal abortion or to get federally approved abortion medication, according to the AP report.
In a further attempt to protect women seeking an abortion, Biden’s executive order will also direct agencies to work to educate medical providers and insurers about how and when they are required to share privileged patient information with authorities. He will also ask the Federal Trade Commission to take steps to protect the privacy of those seeking information about reproductive care online.
The White House said Vice President Kamala Harris will attend the president’s remarks Friday morning before meeting with state legislative leaders from Indiana, Florida, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana who are “fighting on the frontlines to protect reproductive rights.”
Personally, I think the executive order will be challenged. And if Congress doesn’t strike it down, the next president surely will. However, there is one certainty in all this.
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Abortion WILL BE a fundamental issue in the 2024 election!

Biden finally said something right. He said pro-choicers must get to ballot box.  I couldn’t agree more. Thus, pro-lifers must get out and prove that we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the unborn. Only the voters can kill abortion once and for all.

The other night, I thought about someone that truly highlights the hypocrisy here. Connor Peterson. If his name is familiar, but you can’t quite place it, let me remind you.

It was twenty years ago when a California murder plot consumed the news cycles. A very pregnant Lacey Peterson went for a walk on Christmas Eve to never be seen alive again. Had she not been murdered, her son would be a grown man, living a normal life.

Unfortunately, her remains and those of her unborn baby eventually washed ashore. I can still remember the news of those tiny little bones.

Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife AND his unborn son. Killing Connor turned out to be a crime all it’s own. So how do we convict Peterson, and then tell women across the country that it’s okay to kill these babies? What is the difference?

How many leftists stared at their TV screens, waiting for Scott Peterson to receive his guilty verdict?

Legislated Morality

To be honest, morality shouldn’t need to be legislated. Our society should value human life above all else. But we don’t. Nor do we value morals. If we did, 95% of our leaders in Congress would be OUT. But I digress.

If leftists care so much about racism, and leveling the playing field, why do they support abortion? It is the number one killer of black babies. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t women’s rights. This is eugenics. And people like Bill Gates are sitting back, watching the black community exterminate it’s own.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood executives are buying Ferrari’s and selling black baby body parts. And putting a stop to these atrocities just angered the left side of this nation. It’s a war that will wage until the next election, and the one after that. The right will have to fight like hell to restore this country before leftists burn it to the ground, with a million dead babies in the rubble.


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