Elon Musk Mocks Twitter

If I had another son, I would name him Elon the Dragon Slayer Jackson. Because Elon Musk knows the real art of the deal.

Elon, if you’re reading this, understand that one of my bucket list items is lunch with you. Let’s make that happen.

Why am I a fan of Musk? Aside from his technological innovations and his balls the size of Alaska (like mine), you mean?

I am a fan of Musk for recognizing the true enemy of the American people and any civilized societies of the world: Leftism.

And like what Musk has done with the auto industry, battery technology, and space exploration, Musk employs “rinse and repeat” with social media.

Musk played Twitter perfectly and I will explain how he did it.

First, Musk invested in Twitter. He bought enough stock to become the single largest shareholder. At that point he incurred a vested interest in the company.

Second, Musk then tendered an offer to buy Twitter; a smart strategic move. This move put Twitter employees on notice, and they acted accordingly. Twitter employees lost their minds. However, they were forced to recognize the possible reality of a takeover. Thus, Twitter relaxed its policies just a bit.

But the buy offer also triggered other moves. Twitter would be forced to confess its sins, as Musk could demand to see the inner sanctum of Leftism. I discussed this on my radio show, as I explained how Twitter fudged the social media reach of many Leftists, while limiting the reach of many Conservatives.

In my case, I was so powerful Twitter removed my page entirely. They consistently stifled my growth, because unchecked, I would have tripled the numbers of Candace Owens, for example.

Because of Twitter’s policies, they weren’t worth anywhere close to $44 billion. I said at the time of Musk’s offer that I wouldn’t pay more than $5 billion for Twitter. I even offered to run a new company for Elon Musk for his current investment in Twitter.

So Musk pulled out, just in time to not get Twitter pregnant.

And Musk now dares Twitter to respond. As CNN reported:

Elon Musk mocked Twitter’s efforts to force him to purchase the company — in a tweet, of course.

Early Monday, Musk tweeted four images of him laughing next to captions that read: “They said I couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they wouldn’t disclose bot information. Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court. Now they have to disclose bot information in court.”

That was soon followed by a picture of actor Chuck Norris playing chess with only a single pawn on his side of the board, and a complete set of pieces on the other side, with Musk tweeting, “Chuckmate.”

Must responded to Twitter’s hollow threats to “pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement”.

You have to love the sense of humor of Musk. Because he has Twitter right where he wants them.

Elon, I’m available for lunch whenever, Bro!

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