Main Stream Media: The Propaganda Machine is Dying

My colleague sent me an interesting article this morning. Apparently, Americans are sick and tired of the political mumbo-jumbo plaguing our media.

Thus, it’s a national trend of tuning out!

According to Axios:

Engagement with news content has plunged during the first half of this year compared to the first half of 2021 and in some cases has fallen below pre-pandemic levels.

The level of news consumption in 2021 took a nosedive following historic highs in 2020. Despite a slew of major stories, readers have retrenched further in 2022.

Sadly, I am among those who are sick and tired of the news. So much so that the hum of Fox News in the background hasn’t been heard in my “office” for over a year. Actually, it’s been much longer than that. The day Fox News fired Kevin Jackson for calling Christine Blasey-Ford a skank on his own personal Twitter, I knew they no longer cared to be purveyors of truth.

Singled Out

I get it. Standing up for conservative values in any form puts a target on your back. And Fox News definitely landed in the hot seat the day Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. But responded to the hard times is what defines your character, and Fox News defined themselves as weenies.

As part of the Kevin Jackson Network, I’ve witnessed censorship at it’s worst. We lost our Facebook page, our Twitter, and our personal accounts are continuously shadow-banned. We should have one million followers, or more, but we had to start from scratch. Yet, never once have we been tempted to feed into the leftist narrative and thrust our readers into a liberal web of lies.

As my lovely colleague, Angie Levine, wrote:

Perhaps it is now understood that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is a propaganda machine built to manipulate the masses. MSM has a nasty way of keeping humans in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. Further, MSM revels in pitting sectors of the population against each other. MSM at their lowest point was caught trying to pass off movie scenes of war and destruction as real news happening in our communities.

But why? Is the goal of MSM to keep humanity divided and confused and thus easily controlled? You might also wonder who’s behind the curtain trying to maintain control over the world. The answer becomes clear when you take an arial view of all those “channels”; MSM is a conglomerate. Owners of Comcast and other “news” sources are in control of what we see and read and they have been influencing, manipulating, and controlling us rather easily until now.

Media consumers are over it!

People no longer want to swallow the MSM lies they have been spoon fed for decades. When people lose trust they lose interest. America and the world have lost their taste for MSM and the stats prove it. MSM is a control mechanism that seems to be losing control; it’s in a glorious free fall.

People are wise to the fake fact checkers, suppression, and unconstitutional censorship tactics used by Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others. People are wide awake now and shaking off the heavy blanket of BS woven by MSM. Humanity has no patience for false narratives and machinations and, in a fit of disgust, they have tuned out and turned off the peddlers of propaganda, permanently.

The masses want facts and the ability to critically think while consuming those facts. Today, Americans turn to The Kevin Jackson Network and other sources that deliver the truth and critical thinking opinions.

The truth is MSM is a liar and a cheater that plays chess with humankind as their pawns. Fortunately, humankind is playing smarter.

Checkmate, MSM, we’re leaving your game.

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