No Wonder Every American is Racist by Democrat Standards

Do you use roads and bridges?

Democrats showcase their racism daily. And not the racism that Democrats think they hide, like helping dumb black people get voter ID.

No, Democrats show their racism by pretending to not be racists. In the most recent example, racist Joe Biden’s LGBTQ Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg revealed his racist scheme. Apparently, America’s roads have been deemed racist, by Buttigieg.

As The Daily Caller reports:

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg launched a $1 billion project on Thursday to fix America’s racist infrastructure system.

Buttigieg launched the Reconnecting Communities program, a “first-of-its-kind” anti-racist infrastructure project aimed at rebuilding communities that were “racially segregated or divided by road projects,” reported the Associated Press.

The program gives states financial support for five years from the project’s $1 billion budget to help reconnect primarily low-income, African-American communities negatively affected by the massive 1950s expansion of the interstate highway system, reported the AP.

I’m not going to say this is a bad idea necessarily. But I will say that I don’t think Buttigieg can’t fill a thimble with his knowledge of the real problems plaguing the black community. And I know for a fact that the roads are the least of the problems.

Does Buttigieg believe that if he builds more roads leading into black communities, things will somehow improve for Blacks? Will they build more Starbucks and Whole Foods?

Does he realize that Blacks like Spike Lee don’t even want “gentrification,” the idea being that gentrification will cause white people to raise the property values ergo the property taxes. Ultimately, according to Spike Lee, Blacks will lose their homes due to the inability to pay their taxes.

Such is the insanity of Black Leftists when it comes to seeing property values increase.

On Buttigieg’s policy, one of his spokesperson’s said,

“Prior to 2021, the idea that we would deal with highway infrastructure that has divided communities was very much a fringe idea. The Biden administration has really transformed that into mainstream thinking. We are thinking now this is something that is possible — that you can remove a highway and instead build safe streets that are walkable, add housing and address other community needs besides travel time.”

Build safe streets that are walkable? Why hasn’t this happened so far? The lack of roads? And Buttigieg actually gets paid for these ideas?



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