Conservatives Fight Back, Hollywood Style

Conservatives are fighting back in film. And my film duo friends have produced a movie that appears to have crossover appeal.

Who wouldn’t want to see a movie about Hunter Biden? Move over Charlie Sheen and your other coke-head Hollyweird friends, there’s a new junkie sheriff in town. And he’s much more entertaining.
Hunter Biden is a porn reality show star. And if he were a Trump, Hollywood would have made at least three unauthorized products about him. But, as luck would have it, this is the first Hunter tell-all I’m aware of, though I’m sure others will surface as conservatives win back the country.
According to Breitbart:

The full theatrical trailer for the highly anticipated feature film My Son Hunter has spread like wildfire online after its official debut on Truth Social last week, racking up more than 3.5 million cross-platform views. The trailer debut was followed by an all-star panel discussion hosted by Truth Social CEO and former California congressman Devin Nunes, who hoped his platform’s success in pushing John Rich’s hit song “Progress” to the top of the charts could be replicated with the promotion of My Son Hunter.

The Nunes-hosted panel discussion on Truth Social included Donald Trump Jr.; My Son Hunter director Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, The Goonies); Government Accountability Institute President, Breitbart Senior Contributor, and bestselling author of Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win Peter Schweizer; and Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.

As Nunes and Donald Trump Jr. noted during the panel, one of the objectives of Truth  Social is to provide a platform for artists and individuals facing woke cancellation. The overwhelming success of John Rich’s song “Progress” provided a perfect example of the Truth Social mission in action.

Another Breitbart article reported:

Rich’s anti-woke anthem was shunned by record labels and destined for oblivion until Truth Social—under Nunes’ leadership—decided to promote the song.

The response was an overwhelming success that shocked the music world. Thanks to Truth Social’s promotion, Rich’s “Progress” rocketed to the #1 spot on iTunes, becoming a global #1 single for multiple days, eclipsing other artists like Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Kate Bush, and Beyonce, and then landing on Billboard’s Hot 100 list and hitting #1 on Billboard’s digital song sales list.

All of this happened despite the attempts to cancel the song. As Rich explained in an interview with Just the News, “Here I am with no record label, no publisher, no marketing deal.”

“I just got a song that speaks to a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble pushed it out there,” Rich said. “And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.”

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On to the Big Screen

To be honest, I’m surprised leftists didn’t find a way to keep this movie from coming out. But I believe conservatives are done being the rug for liberals to dance on. It’s time we shine a light on this corruption, and help bring a red Tsunami to wash out DC. Of course, the rats won’t appreciate it, but the sewers will.

This film not only highlights the truth, but it also has a stroke of comedic genius running through it. Here’s a snippet for you.

Breitbart adds:

Schweizer, who was the first to report extensively on the Biden family’s corrupt international business deals and how Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s position as vice president with foreign governments, said My Son Hunter is like his work was “lifted from the pages of my book and turned into the flesh.”

“You literally have the most powerful family in the United States taking money from our sworn rivals’ and taking it from four businessmen who are linked with Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer said.

My Son Hunter director Robert Davi said, “This is a story that the FBI should be all over, and they’re nowhere to be seen.”

“This is the biggest story in America as far as I’m concerned because the corruption has been kept from the public,” Davi added.

“If I was Hunter Biden, I’d be in jail,” Donald Trump Jr. said during the Truth Social My Son Hunter panel. “You know, I’m probably the most deposed-slash-subpoenaed human being/civilian in the history of the U.S. Government. They’ve done countless hours, nothing thereliterally nothing or you would have heard about it by now, and I’d be in jail.”

Trump Jr. said the film is the latest example of conservatives going out into the culture and “building their own.”

We are literally running out of time to save our country. If we don’t kick these Chinese-tied leftists to the curb, they will sell off every piece of this nation like some run-down estate sale forty years after granny kicked the bucket. We can’t go out like that. But we can make sure the Biden’s go out in handcuffs. That’s my American dream. What’s yours?

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