Democrats Face Another Trump Failure

Democrats have failed to bring Trump down at every turn. I know that many believe the coup that occurred on Election Day in 2020 accomplished this. However, that’s simply not the case.

Trump’s political existence is just another Democrat failure. The more they try to destroy him, the stronger he gets.
Trump remains the leader of the free world, though deposed. Instead of living in another land like most deposed kings, Trump remains firmly entrenched at Mar-a-Lago. Desperate, Democrat turned their attack dogs, the FBI, on Trump. And their plan backfired.
Democrats martyred Trump. Now he will be doubly tough to root out, dare I say impossible? But that won’t stop the Democrats from trying.
As Newt Gingrich suggests, Democrats may push the envelope and indict Trump. Of course they will stack the deck against Trump. But not before he begins chipping away at the Democrats. We can only hope that Trump has a few tricks up his sleeve, just in case Democrats go DefCon1.
Fox News points out:

The unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate might be part of a larger deep-state plan to indict the former president in front of a D.C. jury, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News.

Stacked Odds

Clearly, Trump isn’t well-liked in DC. He did his best to drain the swamp. He got rid of many sewer rats. But the thing about rats is that where you find one, fifty more are hiding in plain sight. Now the rats are after Trump because they know if he gets another chance, they’re going down the drain.

Gingrich pointed out the District of Columbia is the most Trump-averse jurisdiction in the country, where the real estate mogul garnered only 5% of the vote in 2020 — suggesting the bureau knows exactly what it is doing.

“[S]tart with the assumption that the Justice Department is corrupt, the senior FBI is corrupt; they’ve been waging war against Trump for at least five years,” Gingrich said on “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“This is the latest battle in that war. It has nothing to do with justice and has nothing to do with the normal procedures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Gingrich condemned the lengths FBI agents went to scour the property despite Trump’s previous open cooperation, citing how they tore apart former first lady Melania Trump’s clothing drawers.

“I think you just have to assume this is part of a deliberate, vicious, ongoing struggle, which I predict will lead them to try to indict President Trump in a D.C. jury,” he said. “These people are playing for keeps. They have no interest in procedure, no interest in precedent and no interest, frankly, in the law.”

Host Mark Levin, a former Justice Department chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese III, said his former agency is “playing with fire.”

“They have this massively broad warrant that violates the Fourth Amendment, in my view. And they wait three days and then they go in with 30 FBI agents. Does that sound like there are nuclear codes and secrets and all kinds of stuff that the Justice Department is so concerned about?” he asked.

Levin added if the Trump team were indeed up to some type of nefarious espionage or other malign activity, he somehow committed such in a compound teeming with Secret Service agents and covered comprehensively with CCTV cameras that would have made such behavior near impossible.

“I think that you’ve been watching political theater disguised as law enforcement,” Gingrich replied.

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“We’ve seen case after case where they are overreacting, where they’re deliberately humiliating people,” he continued, pointing to how former “Black, Manafort & Stone” political consultant Paul Manafort was condemned to solitary confinement by the feds.

Manafort had helmed Trump’s campaign at one point and was close with longtime D.C. establishment foil Roger Stone, himself a Trump ally.

Gingrich concluded that there has been talk of claims the FBI was spooked by the idea Trump had worked to declassify bureau documents the brass feared would expose allegations the bureau “had knowingly been lying about the Russia hoax.”

Too late to worry about that!

We already know the FBI was treasonous. And took sides in an election when they’re supposed to act without prejudice.

They tried to push Hillary Clinton through, and when they failed, they declared war on the orange man. And for a brief moment, they thought they got a victory when they installed Joe Biden in the White House. However, like the Bible teaches, evil might prevail in the beginning. But it will always lose in the end. The next two elections will make that abundantly clear.

Until then, grab the popcorn. Democrats are planning one helluva show.

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