Is China Sending Pelosi a Message?

The Pelosi name has spent a good bit of time in the news lately. Which serves only to remind me just how much better this country would be if we could get rid of the crochety old Democrat regime.

Now, I’m wondering if China plans on getting rid of her in a whole other way. At least, that’s the message they seemed to send when Pelosi went to Taiwan.

According to Insider:

Twenty-one Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s air defense zone on Tuesday, the day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taipei, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense.

The People’s Liberation Army Air Force planes — which included ten of its newer J-16 fighters, eight J-11 fighter jets, one KJ-500 airborne early warning and control aircraft, one Y-9 electronic warfare plane, and one Y-8 transport aircraft — entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

The Shenyang J-16 is an advanced fourth-generation fighter based on the Russian Sukhoi-30 fighter jet. The twin-jet, tandem-set fighter carries a 30 mm cannon, 12 air-to-air missiles, rockets and satellite-guided bombs, and anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles. A China-based military analyst previously told the South China Morning Post that the jet had “surely been primarily developed for assaults on Taiwan.”

The aircraft flew through the southwestern corner of the ADIZ, according to flight path maps posted on Twitter by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense. On Monday, four J-16’s flew along the line dividing the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan’s defense ministry said that patrol aircraft were tasked to respond, radio warnings were issued, and air- and missile-defense systems monitored the situation.

The warplanes entry into the ADIZ came the same day Pelosi visited Taiwan for a historic visit. She is the highest ranking US official to visit the self-governed island democracy in 25 years.

Prior to her visit, China, which has long claimed Taiwan as an inseparable part of Chinese territory, repeatedly warned it would take some form of military action if she visited the island, saying the People’s Liberation Army would “not sit idly by.”

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Pelosi might take this as a hint that it’s time to change careers.

This woman has spent her entire life trying to destroy our constitutional government in order to replace it with a socialist regime. Her father was a disgraced mayor, hellbent on destroying anyone in his way. Clearly, he passed that gene on to his daughter. Impeaching Trump made her a household name, but that’s only because most of America has been sitting idly by while our country was put through the ringer by the very people tasked to lead us.

This woman presents herself as a cultured Californian grandmother. But she’s no dedicated public servant. And while she tries to implement socialism, she doesn’t try to live by it. Instead of sharing equally all her possessions and resources, Pelosi built her network with pet projects, crooked financial dealings, and questionable investments. Her salary is $210,000 a year, whereas her net worth is $135 million! Does that sound like it’s on the up and up?

Of course, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Remember when she was ruffled because she was caught going to the salon to get her hair done in the middle of a shutdown? She claimed it was all a setup, but no one forced her to go to the salon that day! Her family isn’t much better. Her son has reportedly been linked to at least five business entities under investigation by authorities for alleged fraud. And her drunk husband couldn’t be bothered to show up for his plea hearing the other day. Of course, it’s pretty obvious what drove the man to drinking. The only thing worse than waking up to Nancy Pelosi would be laying down with Hillary Clinton.

Maybe it’s time Nancy takes her winnings and just walks away. Before the Chinese make good on their threats. It seems like she’s got enough problems at home to keep her occupied for the rest of her life.

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